Birthday Challenge Awards

Not that anyone who doesn't do a challenge isn't a winner, but this is our opportunity to call out some of the more interesting challenges each year. 

The categories might change yearly, who knows? But it's our page and our site and we will give awards to anyone we think is worthy. For now, we will assign 4 award catagories:

Seinfeld: for the most anal retentive--or well organized--challenge

Slacker: for the least anal retentive--or off-the-couch--challenge

Titanium: for the hardest physical feat during a single push

Jack La Lanne: for the least likely to be repeated challenge

What do you get with an award, you might ask? 

In the words of Judge Smails, "you'll get nothing and like it!" So congratulations!

First, we would like to thank each and every participant, whether you did your own challenge or helped out on a friend's, because the coolest thing about birthday challenges is that everyone wins--unless you quit, you wuss. 


 bcaward.JPG (14314 bytes)

Seinfeld Slacker Titanium Jack La Lanne
2000 - Reed Bartlett 2000 - Louie Anderson 2000 - Bob Banks 2000- Steve Edwards
2001 - Traci Marx 2001 - Bob Banks 2001 - Jason Mittman 2001- Kenji Haroutunian
2002 - Steve Edwards 2002 - Tim Lindl 2002 - Todd Mei/Tim Halbakken 2002 - Greg/Todd Carter
2003 - Tim Halbakken 2003 - Sarah & Allie 2003 -Steve Edwards 2003 - Patrick Neuman
2004 - Brad Schildt 2004 - Josh Finklestein 2004 -Todd Mei 2004 - Hans Florine
2005 - Ben Woods 2005 - Ben Banks 2005 -Josh Fairchild 2005 - Hans Florine
2006 - Scott Young 2006 - Mark Mc Daniel 2006 -Steve Edwards 2006 - Todd Mei

Recap of awards by year:

2000 - In our first year we didn't have too many challenges to choose from. We did, however, have some very hard ones. A couple of super burly challenges, like Hans', and great off-the-couch events, like Molly's, were overshadowed only by an almost insatiable desire for pain. When things like what Doniel endured don't win something, you know you've got a special year.  In the end, Reed's challenge is still one for the ages. He even had shirts made up. 40 Days of Hell has not been challenged, and Enzo's hellacious epic stood on its own until Todd Mei took a shot at something similar in 2004.

2001 - On the heels of big inaugural year, 2001 was very busy. People were coming out of the woodwork, though none more than Jason Mittman, suffered wildly and raised about 30 grand in less than a month! Both Lydia and Jamie Grant jumped in, as well as future multiple-winner Tim Halbakken. Mike Papciak very quietly had himself a rugged day out, and Ingrid Tistaert made us want to give an award for reporting. Bob came off the couch and did something worthy of "I think I'm going to puke right now," whilst Kenji showed that raising 3 kids is no excuse not challenge your comfort zone more than you think you already have to.

2002 - The slowest year, by far, where two dual challenges saved us from not giving awards. Thanks to them, the year still turned out oh-so-worthy. Most notably absent is Reed's challenge, his 3rd straight. Not so much because it wasn't hard enough as because we just didn't get much of a report. And Tim Lindl's adventure makes us wonder whether Wisconsin truly is God's country.

2003 - A year that started slowly finished with a load of momentum. Perhaps energized by Neuman's frenetic cross country journey, the year finished with an "impossible" challenge from Stainless, another concocted by The Executair, and Jacqueline Florine gearing up to smash the fitter record.

2004 - What a year! Challenges came from around the globe and in all different forms, with female challengers out dueling the men in sheer numbers. The awards, however, were scooped up by the men and it's pretty hard to argue. Todd Mei pulled off a crazy feat. His running and drinking were obvious, but what most people couldn't know was that his bouldering circuit was so difficult it had never been done before. Amazing. Two 40-day epics, led by Hans Florine, who showed that being a dad is no excuse to slow down. Greg Carter echoed that theme, too, in a highly entertaining event that be hard for anyone outside of Austin to duplicate. Brad Schildt came off-the-couch to organize an immaculate test. And not much gets more random than Josh's Thailand adventure.