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Janice's Page Is Up

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Sunday May 16th, Arrived back from Seattle 16:15 ( military time).  Basically two days of rest under my belt.  Set back up at home, kissed wife, asked if I could go for a time trial on the mile run before kids got up from afternoon nap.

Ran to Accalanes track, girls soccer game going on the track field.  Hmm , what to do?   AH ha there's another guy training 400s. And here comes a jogger.  I guess it's ok to run, and heck I'll have a stadium crowd for my final 100.

Stretched, did butt kicks and fast knee lifts, stretched rested until heart went below 100 BPM

I needed to run four 83 second quarters to beat my record of 5:34,  that would be 41.5 second 200s ( 220s)

BANG  I'm off  first 200 in 37,  first quarter in 78.  second quarter at 87,   third quarter at 91,   200 to go and the watch read  4:54,   YIKES!  I've got a shot at it!  I ran the last 200 in 37.88   for a finishing time of 5:31:88      New lifetime PR by 2.12 seconds!    AND another 40th challenge met!

Come join me for some of the others…



Bob Makela Still Out There Living Thegreatestyear(plus)ofmylife.


Hans Kicks off his 40th Challenge

Hello to all.

Sorry if you are getting this more than once.

I'm Turning 40!  see how I'm solving my "mid life crisis" 

I hope you'll support me with:  page hits, emails, money, and personal appearances.

Please forward the web page to friends.

Do NOT take it easy!  Life is too short for that.

"Life is tough.  Be tough on yourself and LIFE WILL BE EASY ON YOU."  Zig Zigler.

See ya out there.



Janice Uhrig’s 2004 Birthday Challenge 

          For my 45th Birthday, I will be challenging myself to do a total of 20 challenges on May 30th. It is going to take place in Madison, Wisconsin. The goal is trying to finish every challenge during a total of 45 hours. The lists of challenges are on the back!!!

           By far, the most important challenge is the last one. I know that with your help we can raise the $1350. I am raising money to send brand new reading and math textbooks that have been donated by Waunakee Comm. Schools to the school I taught at in Kenya. The school is St. Xavier Public School and is located in Nakuru, Kenya. The textbooks weigh in at 900 pounds! These are books that they will surely use since many children cannot afford to buy books and the schools have none to offer. There are lots of ways to donate to the birthday challenge fund. Here is are a couple ways:


1.    Normal Donations: If you want to donate any amount of money you can write to me at my e-mail or to my address.

Janice Uhrig                    

6806 Chelsea St                      Home Phone – 608-845-8565

Madison, WI 53719


2.    You can also sponsor me per challenge. This is my favorite way for people to donate just because it gives me the most amount of incentive. Most people are sponsoring me around 1-3 dollars per challenge.

If you have any questions just leave me a message. Thank you for any and all support!!!  The teachers from St. Xavier also thank you for your generosity!! You are helping to build literacy across the world! 

Janice Uhrig’s 2004 Birthday Challenge

1.   Bike 45 miles
2.   Walk 4.5 miles
3.   Nap 45 minutes during the day 
4.   45 sit ups
5.   45 pull ups on a hang board
6.   Drink 45 small nalgenes of water = 720 ounces
7.   Climb 450 feet in Boulders Climbing Gym
8.   Eat a pint of Michael’s Frozen Custard
9.   Sit in the hot tub for 45 minutes
10.       Have my class put my hair in 45 braids or ponytails
11.       Eat 4.5 power bars/Luna bars 
12.       Read for 45 minutes while being pulled in a wagon
13.       Skydive – free fall for 45 seconds
14.       Skydive – 45 x 300 ft = Fall 13,500 ft
15.       Eat 4.5 brats
16.       Carry a 45 lb. Pack to the top of Devil’s Lake
17.       Wear 45 t-shirts during the 45 hours
18.       Throw a nalgene 45 times against a wall
19.       Mail 45 x 20 = 900lbs of textbooks
20.       Raise 45 x $30 = $1350 


Hans' Monthly Inspiration

Your monthly inspiration!  Check out the life of Ray Jardine

Of note he did 1000 pull-ups in a day!  Wow! Can you imagine doing/completing the 10,000 challenge in 10 days!    Someone will eventually!

BTW  I've been listing folks in order by: weak link, total score, and reps per day just to mix it up. Never know which order will be up.  Also I have not updated the listing in order by exercise for over a month.

I will be starting my 40th birthday challenge soon and it will be fun putting that on top of the 10,000 challenge:) 

Hope you all are doing well.  Down and give me 20!



New Pull-Up "Record"

A new "pull-up" record has been sent by some marine of 500-some odd in an hour. To call this unofficial would be a huge understatement, as we're pretty certain that both Bob and Todd have done this numerous times in training. The even funnier thing is that the "old record" was 239, which was probably broken by every single member of the Castle, numerous times, usually doing sets of 4 push-up, 8 crunches, and 4 pull-ups a minute for an hour. Like Bob said, "Christ, I think I've done 239 pull-ups in an hour with weight on me!" 

Also, if you recall in one of Bob's challenges he said, "I think I could do 5 a minute indefinitely no matter what kind of shape I’m in."

Here's a link to the article.


Roberto Back In Action

Bob Banks has been given the go ahead to get back at it up until his hernia operation, which is supposedly only going to set him back 7-10 days. This means that he's gone from the brink of suicide to the jolly ol' Minister of War again. In fact, he left the doc, grabbed his running shoes, and then ran straight up inspiration point.


Hans' 40 Days Of Hell

Hollywood has come up with his 40-Day plan and you'll be able to follow the fun--or even take part--by clicking here.


Todd Lives II

No vids yet, but oh what a tale!


Keith Kirby Live

No story, but loads of photos.


Steve Schultz's Challenge Up

Check it out!


Lance Armstrong Again Hints At Birthdaychallenge Affiliation

Highlights of The Lance Chronicles show last night:

2) The number one essential travel item is his coffee maker and saying "don't go anywhere without my Peets".
1) "The best thing about this bike is that it's black. (pauses, looks at it reflectively). None more black," which he uttered in sort of a "I know only my weird friends are going to get this but what the hell" kind of way. For those of you who may not know (how many could possibly be reading this site), this is a Spinal Tap reference. Now combined with his earlier fritter comments and one must think that either we're serendipitously on the same wavelength, or that the Texan is jumping on the Shop/Castle/Birthdaychallenge bandwagon.


Todd Lives!

So, I felt fresh yesterday.  I decided to go for a run.  The past few days before that I was persistently light-headed. 
After a block of running, my legs instantly went to fatigued mode.  The rest of the 5 mile run felt like I was on the challenge again.  The body remembers pain. 
Anyone up for authoring the drink of the month for may? 
Maybe vargtass

Nacirema Drinking Society


Anna the Viking

Hey dudes!
After many years in the hot and humid tropics of Wisconsin among Todd the Executair and those other hardasses, I'm now planning to do the first European Birthdaychallenge by a woman!! It's about time, I think, and I'll step it up, man! I happen to now be in my homeland of the mountains between Sweden and Norway and this is where it's all gonna take place.
I'm not an athlete as you guys so I'm gonna do it all on my old 10-generation Viking-genes and lots of gutso and fuk-yeah attitude.
Vikings never prepare more than necessary so I'm doing it now, on my birthday April 30th 2004 when I turn 28.
OK, here I go:
-- 28 kilometers backcountry skiing in the Swedish mountains carrying 28 pounds on my back.
-- carry a grown man (taller than me= 6 ft, and heavier than my 140 pounds) 280 meters on my back through knee-deep snow, wearing silver-moonboots two sizes too big.
-- dig a snowcave large enough for 1 person to sleep in, in less than 28 minutes.
-- 280 meters of climbing (on the tallest indoor-climbing wall made of natural stone in Scandinavia at Storulvan, Jamtland)
-- 2800 crunches
-- 280 push-ups
--28 pull-ups
-- spend 2,8 sec in the ice-filled frigid water of lake Storsjon, also cutting the hole in the ice to get in.
-- skin a burbot, the legendary fish old Vikings made windows and pants of, in 2,8 minutes or less.
-- drink 2,8 wolf-paw's (vargtass= lingonberry and vodka) while standing on 2,8  Viking-graves older than 1000 years.
-- eat 28 meatballs of moose-meat! (tough one after 12 years as a vegetarian, but there's no king-pin fritters to be had around here)
all to be completed in 28 hours.
SKÅL!! updates and pictures to follow!
name: Anna Backlund
occupation: Igloo-entertainer and manual laborer
age: 28
Alright! here it is!
Anna Backlund


Meanwhile, Bob Has A Dream

Injuries suck. Bob, stuck on the couch and watching his lead vanish in the Hans' 50,000 Challenge and able to do absolutely nothing about it, has a dream:

I had a dream last night that I was sore. 

That's all.


From Support Member Tim Lindl

my quads are sore.
my left arm is cut up.
there's an intense throbbing in my knees.
i have pneumonia.
my wrists and thumbs are still swollen.
my hang over is two days old.
my vision is foggy.
i don't remember most of saturday.
did i run with Todd?  no. i biked.
did i do one boulder problem? no. i spotted.
did i do the chili cheese dog challenge? you're goddamn right i did.
imagine how todd feels.


Just What Happened Out There On The Rainy Roads Of Wisconsin?

All we know is that during the run, the weather was raining and in the low 40s.

Todd gave her hell last night.
In the legendary words of Bob Uecker: "Atta baby!"

- Neuman

Don’t tease me like that! I want to know what happened.

 ~Curious (Reed Bartlett)

You'll have to wait to hear it from Todd.  Everyone else is either dead or hospitalized.

- Neuman

I think it was after the first Ali-Frazier match that
Frazier went home victorious, but was then rushed to
the hospital the next day where he stayed for two
weeks under serious care.

keep an eye on his vitals.

Cosell (Bob)

I got some news from Steve today. It sounds rad. I can't wait to hear Todd's
report. I second Howard's remark urging caution with the man and that Patty
keeps an eye on his vitals.



Todd Completes The Bouldering And Offers This Mid-Challenge Report:

Luck be a lady... 

Some of the best conditions this year. I was able to get every problem in one go except Beautiful Soup and the Zipper (3 and 2 times, respectively). After butter burgers at Culvers, we're set to start the run.  It is 2pm local time, one hour behind schedule.  But it feels a heavy burden has been lifted and the run should be hard but much fun. Video footage of all 16 problems. 

Our birthday challenge party is now 6 strong.  No problem with that. 

Lord Pie


On The Eve Of The Challenge:

April is the cruelest month,
Breeding lilacs out of the dead ground.
--TS Eliot
12 year Highland Park Scotch
Chateau Saint Arbain Reserve Cognac
Here I sit after a few primer drinks into the evening.  Tomorrow morning at 4am, I shall arise and go to Innisfree or somewhere of the likes.  "Can you do it?" Patty asked on the way home from Eiger Sanction night at the Greenbush.
"Well, I've trained.  I just have to get lucky."
I would hate to be you if I were me.


Trouble in Wisconsin?

The weather has been causing some duress as the forecast seems to be changing
every few hours.


Motivation to Support Todd this weekend

Act IV; Scene III
The Wisconsin Camp
O! that we now had here
But one ten thousand of those men gave word
That they would be here today.
Yes, indeed.  The support team for the birthday challenge has dwindled to but a few.  I have only two support members for sure at this point, Nate and Neuman.  Others who have expressed interest may show, but no final word has come.  Perhaps this message will rouse the fire in ye.  If it be so, then peruse this fine itinerary:
Saturday, 24th
6AM - meet at the North Shore parking lot. I am driving and can take three more.  Neuman will meet us there in case he also needs to shuttle us from the bottom of the CCC to the West Bluff.  But I'd rather if someone else could since Neuman will be video taping the events.  We will also need many pads and spotters for the Zipper and the West Bluff problems at the end.
12PM - beef at Culvers before the run
1pm - meet at the condo for the start of the run.  Anyone who is biking (like Lindl, Rhodes, Neuman and Gentry), please bring a small pack of emergency supplies and such (water, extra socks, etc.).  I also need someone to carry their cell phone.  Running course is at
Anyone who wants to join us or meet us at a particular bar can be called en route.  Please email me back and let me know what you are in for and what you will need (if anything).
And if you're still hesitant or left wondering if you should join the adventure, read on.
Enter King Harry
What's he that wishes so?  My cousin, Westmorland?
No, my fair cousin, if we are marked to die
We are enow to do our country loss,
But if to live, the fewer men, the greater share of honor.
God's will I pray thee, wish not one man more.
By Jove, I am not covetous for gold,
Nor care I who doth feed upon my cost.
It yearns me not if men my garments wear,
Such outward things dwell not in my desire.
But if it be a sin to covet honor,
Then I am the most offending soul alive.
No, peace, my fair cousin: wish not a man from England.
I would not lose so great an honor as one man more, methinks,
Would share from me for the best hope I have.
O wish not one more!
Rather proclaim it, Westmorland through my host,
That he which hath not stomach to this fight,
Let him depart, his passport shall be made
And crowns for convoy put into his purse.
We would not die in that man's company
Who fears his fellowship to die with us.
This day is called the Feast of Crispian,
He that outlives this day and comes safe home
Will stand a tip-toe when this day is named
And rouse him at the name of Crispian.
He that shall live this day and see old age
Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbors
And say t'morrow is Saint Crispins.
Then shall he roll his sleeves and show his scars
And say, these wounds I had on Crispin's Day.
Old men forget yet all shall be forgot,
But he'll remember with advantages what feats
He did that day.  Then shall our names,
Familiar in his mouth as household words--
Harry the king, Bedford and Exeter,
Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester--
Be in their flowing cups freshly remembr'd.
This tale shall the good man teach his son
And Crispin Crispian will ne'er go by
From this day to the ending of world.
But we in it shall be remembr'd: we few,
We happy few--we band of brothers.
For he today that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother.  Be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition.
And gentlemen in England now abed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here 
And hold their manhoods cheap
Whiles any speaks who fought with us
Upon Saint Crispin's Day!
PS - the Eiger Sanction Party is still on the Friday before at 8pm at the Greenbush.
Shall we about it?


Hans Updates Challenge to 50,000.

In the Hans' 50,000 Challenge injuries are still happnin'. The latest, according to Phil Requist, "Russ has really sore elbows (and has moved into the projected lead) and won't cut back. I'm, like, 'Russ, you've got to slow down' but he won't." John, who has the numbers lead but is down in pull-ups, the hardest exercise. He just had meniscus surgery, which is much less serious than the before-stated ACL surgery. This may put him in good position to win since he is the only one that doesn't have some sort of ab or elbow problem and can still do pull-ups and has nearly finished his other events (although choosing sit-ups and stairs they almost shouldn't count. Are those even exercise?) Bob is basically out with a hernia. Hans and Phil have backed WAY off on the pace since all the injuries started--perhaps feeling that getting injured over $20 (the pot) isn't worth any sorta of risk. And Steve has--perhaps serendipitously--been sick for 3 weeks. Also, a late entrant called Jim is quickly moving up on the leaders. At any rate, there's still a long way to go...


Todd Still Training...

We missed the date. Challenge is next weekend. Patty (his girlfriend) told Steve, "if Todd dies, I'm going to kill you." 


Could This Be The End?

Todd Mei's Final Entry Sounds Ominous... 

It's coming down to the wire.  I realized that I don't believe in tapering.  Okay, I may not run more that 10 miles during the week of the challenge.
Someone at Nate's work said that we may die attempting the 32 mile/16 drink run.  Nate's girlfriend Jessica reminded the other night while sipping on whiskey in the now warmish Wisconsin eves that Nate has no spleen.  He lost it in a bad ski racing accident when he was a kid.  I believe it's a miracle he's even alive.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the spleen helps the liver with toxin processing.  Nate thought it appropriate that we were kicking of the challenge with Eiger Sanction night in turtle necks and sports coats since we may very well die.
Frietag is also running support and he's proposing a bold new route that takes on a part of Madison that has never been run before.  At the last meeting we scowled at him since he had no contingency in case the route proved to difficult.  He replied that he did not plan on retreating.  Retereating!?  Germans always think of things in terms of war and blitzkrieg.  What's with them?
"Correction, Herr Doctor.  You have failed to climb the mountain three times."
Freitag, you asshole!
T.S. Mei, PhD
doctor emeritus, drinking


Todd Update

His challenge is this weekend. Looks pretty grim to me.

I managed a 20 mile run yesterday, and I have to say I will be going a lot slower than I had originally thought.  I'm actually more scared about the running than I have been.  Add 16 drinks on top of it and I think the run may be impossible. 


Keith Kirby Was Successful In San Diego

Look for the report coming soon.


Hans Updates Challenge to 50,000.

In the Hans' 50,000 challenge injuries are playing a key role. The suspect exercise is the ab roller. Certainly, this group is testing the human limit to ab roller madness. In addition to what Hans has reported below, his and Steve's abs have been cramping up. Hans' have been so bad that he can't do a single ab roller. Now Russ is having problems...

Hello all.

If you haven't been following:

John Finished his 5th exercise, 10,000 done!
Bob is still leading overall (see more below)
Liesbet still leads her gender
Jim leads in reps per day
A few new people have signed on with a few more promising to join
Scott the genesis of this challenge is making us all look good, for now.

Bob has a hernia and will be severely slowed down.
Hans is on a 7 day tour and will be falling behind MOMENTARILY
Tim is finishing with his ski season and will be coming on strong.
Team Tucson is slacking and better report in some more reps soon. Under penalty of making their town look slack.
John is in surgery today for his ACL so he'll be slowed until the anesthesia wears off.
Phil's finger hurts
Peter DO a Pull- up, we know you can.
Russ's abs are bulging in a weird way from too many ab rollers.
Stainless Steve has been sick and vows to sling shot by all of us.
Tom and Theresa have a intramural comp going in the Yosemite household, look for gains three.
WE now allow those that can't or won't do the ab roller to substitute,  albeit with a scarlet letter.( and no chance to win the pot)

We've thrown around the idea of having a massive Cowboy buckle made for those that complete the challenge, everyone send me $500 and I'll look into getting them made.

PLEASE listen to your body and don’t injure yourself.  Do not take it easy.

Be well.



Local Girl Makes Good

LA-based rider Dotsie Cowden has a new site up which chronicles her season with the T-Mobile women's cycling team.  Women riders have been slow to follow the men in this regard, and Dotsie's site is one of the few with frequent updates. However, you can follow her teammate Kimberly Bruckner's season at Cyclingnews, as well as a handful of other prominent women.


Todd is back from France, but training is not going well

But he's as tough as they come, so our money's still on the Executair. Still, this doesn't sound too hopeful.

Well, I ran 35 miles last week--managed 15 in France (5 along the Seine, 9 or more in Avignon, and a few miscellaneous miles along the Rhone River).  This week I had very bad knee pain.  I think with all the walking we did, my legs just gave out.  I went for a 5 mile run on Sunday and was barely able to break a 8 min mile pace.  Think I pushed it a little too much.  I haven't run since then but plan on getting back in the saddle today.  No climbing done.  This week should be interesting.
Had some great wine.  You pretty much can't go wrong with anything on the menu in France or Spain.
Alright, got to get used to being in the US again.
Better watch some TV.
Nacirema Drinking Society


Any guy named Vino can't be all bad

Someone touted the Texan as a birthday challenger a while back but this guy, who might even be a better bike rider, looks far more the part. Not only did he grow up at an academy where he trained all day, every day. But also, according to his coach, “When there’s partying to be done you’ll always see him on the front line. Bottle of vodka in his hand, making loud jokes, dancing on the tables, that sort of stuff…” Sounds like our kinda guy, coming to a Tour de France near you...

Alexander Vinokourov


Banks Injured

In fact, the top 3 in the Hans' 50,000 challenge are injured. Way out in front of the challenge, it appears that Banks has a hernia. John Georgavits is undergoing ACL reconstruction this week. Hans has something wrong with his abs and can't do a single ab roller. All this leaves Russ McBride, of Titanium Man lore, in the lead, followed closely by boredom challenger Phil Request and then Stainless Steve, who's missed another week of training with a strange illness. Currently, these 6 are far ahead of the rest of the field, but perhaps it's more a race of strategy than strength, as both Steve and Phil are nursing minor injuries and no one has more a history of overtraining than Russ. Who will survive?

Also of note, Russ recently did some he called the Seven Samurai, which climbs the seven hardest hills around Berkeley in one day. We don't know a lot about it (though Stainless and Aaron Baker are planning a first hand recon), but it's supposed to be a lot harder than the Berkeley Death Ride.


Keith Kirby

No report yet from Keith Kirby, who's challenge ended on Sat 


Link Updates

We've updated the links, finally. Being sorta fringe sports, still, it seems like the sites we link to come and go. One of the coolest changes is simply the number of American bike riders that now feature prominently in Europe. A couple years ago, it was all Lance. Now we've got Tyler Hamilton, Bobby Julich, and Levi Leipheimer as team leaders, with Floyd Landis, Big George, and Tom Danielson also able to win any given race. 

Climbing sites come and go. We've recently found an odd site that has archived most climbing vids that have appeared on the net. Unfortunately, Slackjaw bit the dust, but most of their vids can be found at the above. 

Down there (as in "it's better down there"), we've added a few sites as well. One shark attack site, which will keep you in the loop on what's happening so that you realize your chances of being eaten by a shark are about a million times less than getting killed on your way to work. Also, Underwater Times, which is a great site about everything waterlogged. By the way, you should eat a lot of squid as their predator's numbers have dwindled due to overfishing and they are starting to overrun the ocean. Squid: the politically correct meal of the new millennia.


Steve Schulz Reports

Hey!! the challenge went really well and it was an absolute blast!!!!!

we've got a few pictures that i should be getting soon and i'm gonna try to

do a write up this weekend and send that thing over to you. talk to you

later, steve


Josh Finkelstein's Thailand Challenge Now Up

Here is is


Todd Gives a Progress Report

I tried my bouldering circuit again.  Failed miserably.  It should be quite hard even without the running.
The running seems to be going well.  I've already put in more mileage in 4 weeks than I did in three months in 2002 when I did the 30 mile trail run.
week 1 - 20 miles
week 2 - 40 miles
week 3 - 30  miles
week 4 - 42.5 miles
Tonight is Chinese Movie night--solo.
I am always interested in hearing good toasts.
I was reading some old pages of the Society and cam across something I had written (believe it or not) that is somewhat respectable.  it goes like this:
 Here's to
Nacirema Drinking Society


Steve Schulz Reports

The fundraising is still going great! right now i think we are nearing $1500 in donations and we've still got to count the pledges. That would be great if you could send some stuff out too for me! thanks a bunch!



Want Your Challenge on NOW TV?

Once again, someone has pegged bd challenge as TV worthy. If you're interested in promoting your challenge, having it filmed, or making 3 grand, give these folks a call. Here's the show's web site.

Apparently, this show is brand new and Discovery is touting it as their 'next big hit' so now is the time to apply before it becomes mainstream. But, ya know, whatever....


I am currently working on a new program for the Discovery Channel called "NOW - No Opportunity Wasted" and would love to talk with you ASAP about it. Please let me know where I can call you or call me at 310.577.1028. The program's concept is simple...we'll help clear your calendar and give you $3000 and 72 hours to achieve your dream. We're looking for people with EXTREME dreams that they have planned out and will make happen. Our cameras would only be there to document the dream and of course, the more wild and unique the dream the better. I'm confident that a number of people that visit your web-site have huge dreams and I'd love to know how to get in touch with them. 

Please let me know ASAP. 

Thank you, 
Lisa Riehn 
Story Producer - NOW 
cell: 310.266.2935


Steve Schulz Begins First Challenge This Weekend

He's nearly at his fundraising goal and could use some last-minute help. Check it out.


DB Also Had a Dream...

(This one is weirder--and better)


Como le va? Vino, the Big German, a 'mano lleno' of capable Spainards; many obstacles besides the Pyrenees & Alps obstruct Tex's return to the top of the podium in Paris. But where is the smart money?  Hunter Thompson won't touch it.  Postal seems to be wavering between becoming a cadre of capable lieutenants and a springboard for the next American hope.  Wouldn't Floyd Landis rather be the next Lemond as opposed to the next Heras? 

I had a dream.  Surf pounded the coast line.  I pounded at the pedals just keeping up in the flats, barely maintaining contact.  Then the road turned uphill.  It rose subtly at first, beneath the canopy of oak trees.  I felt a lightness and breathed easily, moving back into the colorful peloton.  But the grade steepened and the road got narrow. Conversations disappeared with concentration returning to effort.  Sprinters dropped off like cell phone calls in the backcountry.  I squeezed my bars looking for strength as the air thinned and again, I was holding on to the back of the pack like Anatoly Boukrief's (sic) ill-fated client peering upward at him from the Hilary Step.  A blackness crept up on me, which I felt, but I couldn't bring myself to look back, sure that Satchel Page's advice would ring true. I awoke in a cold sweat, wondering what strange anomaly of metaphysics had brought me to Goleta. This can mean only two things.  Lance will win his sixth straight or I'll be dating Tyra Banks by the time the pack hits the Champs Elysses. 

To the confusion of our enemies! 


Jackie's video is up. Don't miss it!

Click here


I Had a Dream...

(an intro to this would be the thread that's been going around doubting the Texan's chances for a record setting 6th Tour title. After all, he's been partying with rock stars, Lakers, and hitting movie premieres and we rarely seen while his team was supposedly training in SoCal)

apparently, the texan is not necessarily past it...

last night, i had a dream. i don't remember all of it but it was quite vivid. in it, i was at the tour with some people, including dave lattieri, and we were watching the race in a key mtn stage. somehow we were on the radio with armstrong and helping him out with strategy.

then it's blurry for a while...

then, we're in a crowd. me and someone else, not latteiri, and big tex walks by, sees me, breaks into a smile and says, "how the fuck about that, huh?!" before walking by and flashing me a behind the back high five. behind him were two more riders. i don't remember the first, and didn't talk to him, but next was tyler, who just shook his head at me and rolled his eyes in one of those, "jesus, that guy is amazing" looks over whatever the armstrong had just done.

i'm certain this means that lance will win number six in dramatic style, and the tyler is going to come in third.

also, i'm predicting that julich will smoke the texan, and chris horner (no picnic to beat him in america), in the tour of georgia. if is was a cyclist, i'd want to ride for csc.

and, hey, due to my exceptionally late start this year i am targeting the everest challenge at the end of september. who's in?

little cal


The Texan a birthday challenger (or at least a fritter challenger)?

Aaron Baker reports:

read the interview carefully, and birthday challengers
will understand.

Lance Armstrong Interview


The Thailand Challenge

Birthday Challenge nearly alum, Josh Finkelstein, ran into Stainless en route to Asia, where he was coerced to make amends for his challenge that never materialized back in 2001. The results will be posted soon, but may have had something to do with Meekong, Cobras, or 'happy ending'...


Banks Ahead in Hans Florine's 50,000 Challenge

Our own Bob Banks has pulled ahead in Hans' 50,000 challenge. This is a race to see who can reach 50,000 reps first, but 10,000 reps must be done of these exercises: pull-ups, push-ups, ab rollers, lunges, and one more of each person's choice. Bob's ability to do insane amounts of pull-ups had made him the early event favorite anyway, but he's starting to build a lead that is insurmountable.

Steve is also in the event, but spending the last couple of weeks in Thailand means he's far out the back. Here's his training log.


Todd Mei's Winter Training Journal (complete with some brain freeze)

So, I ran to work today.  It must have been -30 degrees with the wind chill.  I've learned a few things as a result: some important, some not so significant. 
First, when running in the cold cold cold, four layers is not enough to cover your yawples.  They felt cold throughout the run, but when I finally got to work and was taking a shower, they began a to ache.  A dull paint to a deep burn.  I thought I was going to pass out or throw up. 
Second, generally it's a good idea to run one way since you have only to get to your destination rather than going to a half-way point and back.  But in the cold, this is not such a great idea.  If it's too cold, you may be in trouble if you encounter say, freezing and burning in your fingers and jaw. Luckily, I was able to warm them up.  I thought I was going to have to stop somewhere.  It's about 7 miles from my place to work. 
Third, perhaps some light has been shed by Reed's friend's wife (I forgot both of their names - Jon and Jen Fieldhouse, who Todd would never forget under normal circumstances as he ran support for John's challenge) who is from Wausau, WI.  She made the remark that it's hard to run in Wisconsin because of the altitude.  Initially, I thought she was confusing cold weather with altitude.  But after running today, it was so cold that it was hard to breathe.  It almost felt like I was at high elevation. 
Fourth, facial hair grows in the cold faster than warmer climes.  I shaved with an electric razor before running this morning so I wouldn't have to shave at work.  After the run was complete I was looking in the mirror at my red face, I noticed some stubble.  Yes, within 50 minutes, my facial hair had grown to where I had to shave again.


Hans Florine's 40th

Help Hans with some ideas:

I'm doing the big 40 in June this year. I've been thinking for awhile about what to do and where.  40 sports in 40 hours, raise $4000 for 4 causes.  40 minute monologue in front of 40 friends, and 4 course meal with 40 friends.  Running a 10k in 40 minutes would be rad.(for me) 

I seriously considered going for the "$10,000 Edwards' 40th Bday challenge"( for about 10 seconds), but I am quite sure I can't do the things Steve did.  So I'll just have to do better. 

Help me add to the list of 27 below so I can ponder the 40 sports idea (obviously wise guys will say XXX is not a sport, it's a hobby or recreation.)
 Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Biking, Blackjack! Ok just kidding, Bowling, Climbing,  Diving, Football,  Frisbee,  Golf,  Hiking,  Inline skate,  Kayaking,  Ping Pong,  Pool/billiards,  Running,  Skate,  boarding, Sculling/rowing,  Soccer/football (in all other countries), Surfing,  Swimming,  Tennis,  Weightlifting,  Windsurfing,  Yoga...


Steve Schultz, Middleton, WI

Hopefully we'll have more on this soon. If you'd like to help out, you can email him.

1. 20 sets of 20 pull ups 
2. 20 sets of 20 sit ups 
3. 20 sets of 20 push ups 
4. 20 laps at the stout gym
5. climb 20 routes at the uw-stout gym 
6. 20 boulder problems at the stout gym 
7. I have to stay up for 20 straight hours 
8. For those 20 hours i have to have a mohawk(color suggestions are welcome:) 
9. Boulder someones loft 20 times 
10. Dyno moj's loft 20 times 
11. Run down to h-k-m-c and back from wigen hall 20 times 
12. Top out on 20 buildering problems 
13. 20 middle finger pull ups 
14. Wear 20 different t-shirts for at least 20 minutes of the day 
15. Skeleton race down the hall 20 times 
16. eat three large apple fritters during the day (from the greenbush of  course)
17. I have to listen to 20 sets of 20 songs, each set being a different band.
18. I have to do 20 door jam pulls ups 
19. I have to drink 20 nalgenes of water 
20. I am going to raise $2,000 for Alzheimer's research. 


Sounds Suspiciously Like Todd Is Back

Hey Dudes. 

Steve from the gym is doing a birthday challenge as you will see below. Please post this on the site.  I will try and get a picture, otherwise just go to My challenge will be forthcoming. 

Wing Wang


Jacqueline Florine Blasts Fritter Record!

She missed her ultimate challenge, but has still set the bar to where few will want to follow. Hans reports:

Three fritters in 32 minutes,  she had to stop.  She felt like one more bite and it was "Vomit City".  She wanted A record and thought vomiting would void it.  So far she's held the three down for one hour and 28 minutes.  She looks terrible.

Thanks Neal for the call, she was right at the verge of puking when you rang and couldn't bring herself to talk to anyone.

Video coming.

need inspiration? 


Pumping Iron

Here's a challenge report out of San Diego, CA, via Pat Schlosser, via Reed Bartlett, about some guy named Andy. Hopefully we'll get a full write up. 

Oh boy did I FUXOR myself or what-

The Birthday Challenge was a blast- Andy powered through everything and
faltered just enough to see that he had put himself to the test.  I finished
with him and passed out by
11:00- tired and happy.  I left San Diego at 6:00
am Sunday morning and was home by
8:30.  I was pretty stiff but nothing too
bad.  By Sunday Night I was really shutting down hard.  By Monday my bicep
insertions were so sore that I could barely move my arms.  My elbows swole
up to the size and color of old cantaloupe.  I had to walk around with my
arms clasped at my navel.  I was screwed.  I had to call in sick to work on
Tuesday and by this morning I was just able to drive again.  I am recovering
now but wow!  What really had me worried is that during the swelling I
noticed that my urine was reddish brown- like an amber beer of some sort and
just that foamy- that was weird- then some blood started to show and I got
even more worried.  All that is over now and I realize that I am stupid


7 Marathons, 7 Day, 6 Continents

Not a birthday challenge per se, but we thought it was worth some coverage.


Who is this guy?

Here's a trip report we received recently

He is a Leonardo Engineer.  He is artistic and doesn't have time to fiddle around with actually riding all his bikes.  He is a real endurance man and enjoys the rough rides and torture of the road on a subpar bike, he doesn't ride the top of the line bikes because there is no real challenge in that. 

I am going to do a birthday challenge in April and I have started my training.  I will be doing the following: 

Sleeping for 10 straight hours with no pee break. 
Drinking 2 16 bottles of Arrowhead water prior to going on short trip to Best Buy. 
Walk to backyard to actually see what the hell that noise is on the top of the roof. 
Talk Spanish to a friend for at least 2 minutes. 
Go a whole week without seeing MTV, VH1 and E by hiding the remote from Joanne. 
Log on to my work computer, and while boot up and get a cup of coffee, pee and chit chat but still get back in time before Outlook comes up... These are tough tasks but I am up for the challenge...  
So far the last one is going to be really tough being that I always make it back prior to Outlook loading up.


We just got an email from Todd Mei

Hey guys.
Sorry.  I won't be participating in birthday challenges anymore.  The doctor told me it was bad for my career in insurance.
Nacirema Drinking Society


Pierce Florine

The Florine family is into setting records. Dad Hans has speed climbing records all over the planet. Mom Jacqueline is about to attempt, umm, the ultimate Fritter Challenge. Daughter Marianna is, so far, the youngest BD Challenge participant, but now, 6-month old Pierce goes for a challenge of his own.


Catra Corbett-McNeely

Has been participating in birthday challenges for a while now and we look forward to her upcoming reports. You can check out her web site here.
I have always done a b-day run for the past 7 years...  The last 3 years it has been the 100k(62 miles)...  People laugh because most runners will run the miles of there age...
They always say your not 62....  it actually start out three years ago as an attempt to run 100 miles on my b-day run but the weather was so bad.  So I only ran 100k...  I later did the 100 mile solo in March when the weather was better...
Next year I will do the 100 mile solo again since I will be turning 40..
I have running many 100 mile solo runs along the Ohlone Wilderness 3 times, Mt. Diablo and Yosemite 3 times...
It's just so hard this time of year to get friends to come out and run part with me since it usually rains...  This year I had about 20 friends running different distances with me...


Happy New Year

J2003 ended with a lot of momentum and some big plans for 2004, beginning with Jacqi's New Year fritter challenge. Hans called on New Year's morning to say the Jacqi was dissuaded from trying the feat on her actual birthday--yesterday--and will do instead have a go within the next week or so, when she's closer to a hospital (her comment, we didn't make it up). 


Now  Just a Goddammed Minute: Part II

Jacqueline Florine  is going to attempt to annihilate history by eating... and get this... 4 fritter in 40 minutes! No, that is not a misprint (look, it's written below as well). This insanity pretty much blows away anything that's been attempted prior. Of course, she hasn't done it yet. Here's what she has to say about it. In the words of Hondo, "ummm, there's not much I can do for ya."

I am going for the ultimate record on fritter pounding--or will die trying! My will and estate are in order. I refuse to make it any easier with exercise, pacing, or bulimia. Pray for me, please!
p.s. I think Hans would be willing to video the terrible event.

2003 News