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Today my schedule allows only one day for getting my new place livable for the remainder of the challenge. This is a lot of work because it’s not in such good shape and I have to get organized enough to fit all of my stuff and a bunch of this other stuff (cheap rental agreement) into a small space. Plus, I have a very small kitchen and since my bar takes up so much room I must shop very efficiently. Someone glancing at my kitchen might think I live on alcohol and supplements, which is somewhat true.

Actually, I know a great deal about eating properly and this helps me subsist on such a scattered diet and remain healthy. I haven’t been sick in a long, long, time. I can’t remember the last time I had a cold.

I have a theory that eating nothing but health food weakens your immune system because you cannot always control your external environment and its toxins. I think the perfect diet is mainly health food with some swill thrown in the keep your body guessin’. Occasionally, I go way over the "some swill" boundary, like yesterday.

When eating a lot of junk, or just road food, I try and make sure I get the proper ratio of fat/carbos/proteins. This isn’t too hard. The main thing is to make sure that you get protein in what you eat. A burger is a better option than snacking on fries and chips all day, which for some weird reason is what a lot of "healthy" people do on the road. If you make an effort to eat 30% protein, your body will deal with bad eating better.

Also, if you eat well most of the time your body treats these huge fat days as an anomaly and processes the fat thought your system. This means that if a super fit person that rarely eats ice cream and a fat person that eats a gallon a day both go for a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, the fit persons body will discard most of it while the fat person’s body—which is used to such eating—will process nearly all of the fat. This may not seem fair but it’s the way things work.

Another hint is to eat every three to four hours and—again—make sure each meal has around 30% protein, unless you are in the middle of long exercise when you need to eat more simple sugar.

So while my diet may seem like crap, it isn’t really as awful as it sounds. I eat light and healthy at home, don’t snack a lot or eat much candy and that type of junk. When I eat junk I keep its protein content high, which keeps my metabolism from falling. And I eat fairly small meals, most of the time, which allows my body to shed most of the odd, extravagant meal.

It isn’t really scientific. It is sort of applied science that works with a haphazard, budget lifestyle.

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