Free Diving Links 
mark rackley photo                                                         

Links to learn more about the most dangerous sport on earth. How long can you hold your breath?

Redefine Your Limits
Champion freediver Tanya Streeter's page, including cool trip reports on her record attempts.
American freediver Mehgan Hainey-Grier. Great photos.

Great Internet mag with mucho content. The one stop shop for the free diving world.

Patrick Musimu
New Belgian's site. 6-minute breath hold off the couch. Can you say "natural"?

Shark Attack Site:
Good info about the overblown world of sharks eating people. Learn how not to become lunch.

Underwater Times:
Great news for everything under the sea, especially sea monster stuff. Eat squid!

Deeper Blue:
Good site with lots of news.

Freedive List:
Frequently-updated site with a message board for Q&A.

The Freediving Page:
Northern California based site. Sounds cold.

Zen of Freediving:
Not much of a site, but a pretty good story.