Climbing Links                                                            jonathan kingston photo Great site for info if you're traveling, with loads of forum banter that's mostly inane. Many photos from all over the world. A very good resource.

UK Climbing: Brit version of the above, so it's far more witty. Great info if heading abroad.

Summit Post: Mountain info that's essential for ticking loads of peaks in a day. 

Planet Mountain: Great site with up-to-date news on the hard stuff. An important stop to stay inspired and well informed. In English and Italiano. 

Planet Fear: UK version of the above. News and lots more stuff.

Explorer's Web: Great site with loads of info. Not all climbing. In fact, mainly not climbing.

Bivouc: A Canadian mountain encyclopedia.

Dr. Topo: Lots of maps n' other stuff. Take some liberties with guides, and maybe vids, but a great site nonetheless.

Supertopo: Chris Mac's site that has excellent information, though limited scope. Mainly in German but some good info to be found, even if you can't read the subtle points.

The Bouldering Domain:  The bouldering hub and links to the Camp 4 news site.

Bleu info: Rad site with vids of many many problems at Font!

Climbing Films: Loads of video. Enjoy!

Mountainzone: Mainly mountaineer stuff. Expensive site--of course--and worth a stop if you like snow and cold.

8a: New site from Sweden with tons of news. Some strange stuff but it keeps improving and has potential to become the best news source in climbing.

Climbing Magazine: The standard American drivel from boring individuals that think it's all mystical and deadly serious. Good coverage of major news from Dougal McDonald, but wipe that smile off your face--we're risking our lives here, dammit!

Gripped: Canadian mag now online. Some good articles can be found printed in full. 

Desnivel: Pretty good site if you can read Spanish. Some great vids.

Grimper: French mag. Not such a great site but pretty.

Rock & Ice: Once the worst site on the web, it has now become pretty good. Now better than Climbing. Oops, they changed it again, this time it looks like they hired a 1st grader to webmaster. Awful.

Rockfax: Stodgy brits. Mainly guidebook stuff but an occasional great article.

Tomaz Humar: Traveling alpinist with great trip logs. Feel like a bit o' sufferin', do ya?

She Sends: By women for women (well, maybe not). New and as of yet not much content, but may get better.

Video: Weird site in, like, Polish or something that has a ton of vids if you can figure it out. Slow download time so right-click everything.

Front Range Bouldering: Good info for bouldering in Colorado.

The Crag: Not up to speed yet but might be a great traveling resource eventually. Hollywood Hans' meth-lab devoted to crank addicts of the cliffs.

New England Bouldering: Tons of info on New England, which would be great if anyone lived there.

Gone Alpine: Pacific NW site, so expect snow.

Kalymnos: Yeah, baby! Time for a vacation...

South Africa: More holiday time or, hell, just go live there.

Training For Climbing: "the planet's #1 source for information on all aspects of climbing performance!" Umm, well, not exactly. Some okay info though.

World Topo: A bit shy on info at the moment but might become a serious resource.

Himalayan Club: Handy if you're heading to Nepal.

Big Walls: John Middnedorf's site with some tall tales of life in the vertical.

John Gill: Ever wondered much about the history of bouldering?

Todd Skinner: An online travel log from a guy who's been out there a long time.

Paul Pianna: Hmm, this looks a lot like Todd's site. Wonder how that could be?

Ines Papert: Personal page of a  super stout German climber. She could be at the tip of the trend here.

Annabelle Bond: Hot chick trying to climb the 7 summits. Not a real climber, which make her journals somewhat interesting reading.

Five-Ten: Best shoes and stickiest rubber, but do they update their site anymore?