Just Another Day For Mad Mountaineer?

Name: Hans Florine

Birthday: June 18, 1964

Occupation: Professional climber


36 pitches in Yosemite

36k run (with 3,600' of elevation change)

36 oz. beer

36 oz. ice cream

3.6 King Pin fritters



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It was just another day at the office for world champion speed climber Hans Florine as he turned 36 by climbing 36 pitches and running 36 kilometers in Yosemite Valley. 

While certainly a tough day for Florine, it probably in no way came close to equaling some of his other feats, such as climbing three El Cap routes in a day and soloing both El Cap (via The Nose) and Half Dome (NW Face) in just over 20 hours. 

But not so fast...

Hans threw in a few, paltry eating challenges to boot; one consisting of the dreaded King Pin fritter, and we all know what can happen when they are involved.

Read the AP report here.




"Go Big or Go Home!"  Hans and the almighty Big Daddy at Hans' Yosemite wedding.

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