Just What The Hell Is A Birthday Challenge Anyway?

Inspired by Jack LaLanne, a birthday challenge is essentially a goal, generally in the form of physical achievement, to make your birthday more memorable than the last. Usually the number of your years lends itself to the base of your challenge. For example, on his 70th birthday Jack LaLanne towed 70 boats carrying 70 of his friends across Long Beach Harbor (about 3 miles), handcuffed and shackled.

Sound easy? Hell no! But WHY you ask?

So do you want to be like Jack here on the right, scoring all the chicks and kicking some ass, or would you rather be like THIS guy?


Keepers of the birthdaychallenge flame, Steve Edwards and Bob Banks, during an endurance bouldering day at Lizard's Mouth, near Santa Barbara.

"Just 50 problems to go and it's off to the bar!"