Training Links

if anyone out there can find me a pair of suspenders like these, i'll wear them on your challenge. - bob

Jack LaLanne: Of course he has a Web page.

Beachbody: Exercise videos, but wait! Check out the newsletters and Message Boards, where you'll find what Stainless does during training sessions.

Dinosaur Training: These guys kick ass and take names. Serious power junkies, don't miss it.

Iron Mind: Top-notch strength training stuff, including Captains of Crush grippers. Not for pussies.

Matt Furey: "Politically incorrect fitness training and fighting techniques," don't miss it!

Dr. Squat: Dr. Fred Hatfield, who knows more than you about everything.

Testosterone Nation: Yep, you read that right. Not to be missed.

Focus On Bodybuilding: Lots of info on Arnold, bodybuilding and "our anabolic friends". Good site.

Efit: Commercial site with quite a bit of useful info but you have to sift through a lot of gossip to find it.

Fitday: Ever wonder how many calories were in a fritter? Us either.

ISSA: Hatfield's buddy, Sal Aria's site for personal training. 

Iron Magazine: Some decent info.

Training Bible:'s site for specialized endurance training.

Carmichael Training Systems: Expensive, but what do you expect from the guy who coaches Lance Armstrong?

Ultrafit: Joe Friel's site

Dotsie Cowden: Need a cycling coach?