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The 12-Step Birthday Challenge Program


1. Honesty

2. Faith

3. Integrity

4. Surrender

5. Acceptance

6. Willingness

7. Forgiveness

8. Maintenance

9. Service

10. Humility

11. Making Contact

12. Soul Searching

name: steve edwards

born: november 22, 1960

occupation: renaissance man or slacker, depending on your interpretation

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Birthday Challenge
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The 12-Step Challenge

photo: where all this nonsense began, bum knee at the 508 in october.
Why a 12-step program? Well, hell, why not? I'm an American, after all, which our fearless leader tells us,  means the we should acknowledge our fears and then use them to react in a ludicrous irrational manner.

Due to injury (explained in training diary), I missed my birthday. Healed enough to train, I'm embarking on a 12-step countdown to a challenge that will take place on the first day of spring, or thereabouts.

March 22

Down for the count. So, instead of a birthday challenge I'm not climbing at all. My shoulder just wasn't healing, making climbing, um, un-fun. Actually, it was still fun but irritating so I decided to just shut down, rest, rehab, and then re-evaluate the entire situation. It's possible this injury is more serious than I thought but in order to find out I'm going to need to completely rest and rehab it, which means no climbing--or upper body training--for a while.


Feb 24

wt: 179

Quick update. Life is in transition and, hence, busy. Challenge has been going okay. Good, not great. Yoga and meditation, even at a base level, has been an excellent addition. I've completed the first two steps of the martini challenge. Biking miles are way ahead, running way behind. Rehab is good and my shoulder seems to be better. My knee, even better. So the signs are all good, even if I'm not training as hard as I'd like--or anywhere close to it. I've also completed three days of fasting. The worst thing is the studying. Haven't really began any course work. Too much else going on. But that process is to clear my plate to allow time for studying. Almost finalized my move out of the office, which will help immensely.

The birthday challenge is probably going to be an attempt at 100 sport routes in a day. This, I'm fairly certain, has never been done. Also quite uncertain whether I can do it. Course, if I knew, it wouldn't be a challenge.

Gone really easy on the news and, hence, the Bushies, though a friend of mine just got back from New Orleans and said it's disgusting how it's just being ignored. The friggin' guy...

Feb 15

wt: 182

My challenge officially began yesterday and I'm feeling better already. Did my first day of fasting, completed all of my rehab, did yoga, stretched, jumped rope (200 reps), spent 11 hours in the office and studied for an hour, rode 30 minutes and then went a did some training on the hangboard. I think that--other than writing this challenge--I did almost zero Republican bashing too. Question to self: "If I just post something, that's not something I wrote on that day, does it count?" I'm thinking not, so...

My list of 45 things to sell is a bit short. I'm going to have to sell some copies of Wall Rats. Hey, it's one for one at winning 'best of' prizes in festivals, and you can own it by sending me $20.

This morning I did yoga and meditated for the first time in a while. Dare I say it was transforming? Okay, maybe not, but it was, at least, a "I should really do this more often" moment upon finishing. Just re-read the 12-step martini drinking program (will get this up, since its host site is down) and plan to begin tonight. It's that damned 'martini by grace' that's going to get me, I fear.

Got another flat on my commuter bike. Shit. Off to run to the bike store and buy a big beefy tire.