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Birthday Challenge
Santa Barbara, CA
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  "When someone says you can't do something. That just gets me psyched  to try and do it, of course." 
- Hans Florine in Wall Rats

The "Get Back To Reality" Challenge

name: Steve Edwards

born: November 22, 1960

occupation: fitness writer/trainer, coach, part-time filmmaker 

photos: with epic challenger patrick neuman, above. if those guys look blurry, it's only because their brains are out of focus. below, 43 routes used to be no problem... really!

Did He Make It?
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The Challenge

22 athletic events over 43 hours ending midnight on Nov 22nd

Raise $4,300 for The Concern Foundation 

Raise $4,300 for The Friends Of Joshua Tree

Plus, I'll double all contributions myself if anyone can keep up with me during my entire challenge

  1. Climb 43 sport climbing routes

  2. Lift 43 tons in the gym (86,000lbs)

  3. 430 pull-ups/bar dips or hanging straight-leg raises

  4. 430 push-ups

  5. 430 crunches

  6. 430 leg lifts

  7. 430 jumping jacks

  8. Mountain bike 43 kilometers (26.6 miles)

  9. Road bike 43 miles

  10. Run 4.3 miles (in under 34 minutes)

  11. Hike 4.3 kilometers 3.4 times (8 miles)

  12. Surf 2 hours 43 minute (catch at least 4 X 3 waves)

  13. Hold breath 2 minutes and 43 seconds

  14. Paddle 4.3 miles in a kayak

  15. 43-point game of 2 on 2 beach volleyball

  16. 43 yoga poses for 43 seconds

  17. Throw 43 strikes (from regulation 60’6”)

  18. Make 43 free throws shooting better than 75% (3/4)

  19. Throw 43 rocks for Tuco

  20. 43 games of roshambo (winning 4 to 3 losses)

  21. Juggle 3 balls for 40 seconds

  22. 43 X 43-second massages for support team


"YIKES. Maybe cut out a few things and get back to reality....." - Bob Banks

"Studly' you are, but "Superman" you're not!
...looking forward to the after party though" 
- Jeff Brown

"The Minister has spoken! Yes I know Birthday Challenge is not Birthday Pretty Hard, but neither is it Birthday Suicide." - Brian Edwards (yes, my brother!)

"All of that?! Ha, Ha, Ha--no way--Ha, Ha..."  
- Andrea Pesce

"I agree that they don't call it "Birthday Pretty Hard" but there's definitely an optimum goal which is (in my opinion) about 10% more than you can actually do..." - Phil Requist

"All of this is but a distraction leading up to the obvious main event.  Any other act of physical endurance is child's play next to a plate of 4.3 Kingpin fritters."  - Matthew Johnson


  1. Will commit 43 random acts of kindness

  2. Hand out 43 dog treats to dogs other than Tuco

  3. Make a list of 43 movies that every person should see and give it to 43 friends

  4. Entertain those 43 friends at Manny’s El Matador

Where I will: 

  1. Eat 4.3 Kingpin apple fritters

  2. Drink 4.3 cocktails

  3. Drink 4.3 beers

  4. Pass Out (Optional)

"I dunno gang, we are talking about Stainless here (cue: theme music to film 'Shaft'.....).
I did 40 routes in 8 hours without too much difficulty on my bc challenge.
He'll float it in 6, with enough support.
Travel time looks to be in two chunks, one for climbing/cycling/running and
one for watersports.  So give up five hours of travel, and he's still got 6
to rest.
My money is on the challenger."
- Kenji Haroutunian