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Birthday Challenge
Santa Barbara, CA
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  "When someone says you can't do something. That just gets me psyched  to try and do it, of course." 
- Hans Florine in Wall Rats

BD Challenge 2003 Event Evaluation

 I've been getting a lot of naysayers, most of whom happen to be close friends, so maybe I'm in over my head more than I think. At any rate, there isn't really one hard thing on the list, except breatholding which is sort of do or don't. But here a quick rundown of my take on each, which may prove to be humorous later.  

11/16/03 - Here are my last-minute thoughts (in orange), just to record how far off I am... or not... HA!

In order to raise $4,300 for The Concern Foundation (funding cancer research) and raise $4,300 for The Friends Of Joshua Tree, I will attempt:

Having never done any fundraising before, this is a total mystery. I can on to things pretty quickly, but won't have much time to delve as I'm busy enough already. So, really, I might raise 10 grand or 10 cents. I have absolutely no idea.

11/16/03 - Way off. I have the three part and not the 4. We were sidetracked by the FOJT web server being down til pretty much today, so we'll do some last minute spamming and see what we can get.

22 athletic events over 43 hours ending midnight on Nov 22nd

The time factor is huge. If all goes well, this should take around 36 hours, not counting eating, sleeping, driving, etc 

  1. Climb 43 sport climbing routes (at least 3 out of every 4 must be 5.10 and above)

Most routes Iíve done this year in a day is 9. Most sport routes that Iíve ever heard of done by anyone is 68, by me, and that took a long day in itself when I was a better climber. Iíve done 100 trad pitches but thatís oodles easier because you can climb easy terrain. By far the most time consuming activity on the list, and probably the most worrisome. For reference, leading 33 routes 10 years ago thrashed me pretty good. Then again, I did 400 boulder problems when pretty beat up, so who knows what I'll be able to do.

11/16/03 - Have now done 22 routes, plus re-con'd most of the routes. Can happen if all else goes well.

  1. Lift 43 tons in the gym (86,000lbs)

Not as hard as it sounds and Iíve done it before on several occasions. Of course, it was only thing I did on those days.

11/16/03 - Didn't get to give this a test run, so I'm worried.

  1. 430 pull-ups/bar dips or hanging straight-leg raises

Scary because I might physically just break down. Would be hard doing nothing else BUT this.

11/16/03 - Blasted this off in a bit over an hour-and-a-half, but it's going to prove different, especially with the climbing.

  1. 430 push-ups
  2. 430 crunches
  3. 430 leg lifts
  4. 430 jumping jacks

Just stuff to do. Not particularly challenging on its own, this will definitely add up.

11/16/03 - Did it in 45 minutes.

  1. Mountain bike 43 kilometers (26.6 miles)

This is a long mtn bike ride. Will take some time and Iíll have to find a good course.

11/16/03 - Haven't ridden my mtb at all.

  1. Road bike 43 miles

Not as simple as it sounds. While easy, 43 miles still takes something out of your legs.

11/16/03 - Haven't ridden much. Test drove the course today. Easy on its own but looked pretty long in the scope of this day

  1. Run 4.3 miles (in under 34 minutes)
  2. Hike 4.3 kilometers 3.4 times (8 miles)

Easy, but...

  1. Surf 2 hours 43 minute (catch at least 4 X 3 waves)

I cramped trying to surf after a hard bike ride last weekend. Since Iím way out of my element, this is going to be difficult to have it not affect me much in later events.

11/16/03 - Haven't surfed nearly enough. Hoping it's one of those sports you get better at through visualization alone.

  1. Hold breath 2 minutes and 43 seconds

I can do it or I canít. Did 2 minutes on my first practice go. So if I can practice enough I should be able to manage it.

11/16/03 - Have not done well. About 2:15 is tops so far.

  1. Paddle 4.3 miles in a kayak

Not hard on its own but a logistical irritant. Iíll figure something out. Also has the "I never practice" factor that I must figure in.

11/16/03 - Way off on my organization here. Haven't paddled a lick.

  1. 43-point game of 2 on 2 beach volleyball

Another logistical issue that has a major cramp factor. Itís always that things that seems fun that get yaÖ

  1. 43 yoga poses for 43 seconds
  2. Throw 43 strikes (from regulation 60í6Ē)
  3. Make 43 free throws shooting better than 75% (3/4)
  4. Throw 43 rocks for Tuco
  5. 43 games of roshambo (winning 4 to 3 losses)
  6. Juggle 3 balls for 40 seconds
  7. 43 X 43-second massages for support team

All just fun and games 


  1. Will commit 43 random acts of kindness
  2. Hand out 43 dog treats to dogs other than Tuco
  3. Make a list of 43 movies that every person should see and give it to 43 friends
  4. Entertain those 43 friends at Mannyís El Matador (again open)

 oh, the pluses...  

Where I will: 

  1. Eat 4.3 Kingpin apple fritters
  2. Drink 4.3 cocktails
  3. Drink 4.3 beers
  4. Pass Out (Optional)

 Only the last is a certainty. I'm not even going to talk about the fritters, as their record speaks for itself!  

11/16/03 - Nothing else has been a blip on the radar. We'll see!