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Birthday Challenge
Santa Barbara, CA
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  "When someone says you can't do something. That just gets me psyched  to try and do it, of course." 
- Hans Florine in Wall Rats


Schedule  BD Challenge 2003
Doesn't look so bad, from here

Fri, Nov 21 

5AM –  Van loaded with bikes, surf boards, and other junk, etc. 

A few pull-ups, etc.
13 Yoga Poses
Breath Hold
Run 4.3 miles
Make 43 free throws
Throw 43 strikes

Eat breakfast driving to Conejo Mtn
Play roshambo

Mtn Bike up to MST3K

Climb 12 routes
1        A Whole New Day O’ Rockclimbin’ 5.8 - L
2        Racket Girls 5.9
3        High School Big Shot 5.7 - L
4        Torgo 5.6 - L
5        Are You Happy With Your Work 5.10a
6        I Accuse My Parents 5.10a - L
7        The Beginning Of The End 5.10c
8        Daddy-O 5.10c - L
9        Manos, Hands Of Fate 5.10a
10    The Infinity Of The Depths Of A Man’s Mind 5.10c - L
11     Paste 'Em, Frank 5.10a
12  Follow Your Bliss, 5.11b

Mtn Bike as many miles as possible in area  (10 hopefully)

Get on road bike, ride appr 23 miles to Staircase (4000 PCH)

Surf 1 hour (or more, depending on daylight)

Get on bike, ride to Zuma, a mile 33.

Play volleyball (need 4 people, more okay)

Finish road biking  at 76 station north of Duke's, in Malibu.

Head to Gold’s Gym in Venice
Lift 43 tons
Do some jumping jacks, crunches, leg lifts, push-ups, pull-ups, etc 

Drive to Westridge 

Finish Mtn biking (in the dark, so bring lights)

Head home
Finish pull-ups, etc.
Do 30 yoga poses
Sleep as many hours as are left…

Sat, Nov 22 

6am – Marina Del Rey, UCLA boat house, 6AM

Kayak 4.3 miles
(note to anyone: I could use a proper ocean kayak for an hour or so)

Drive past Venice dog park to hand out treats
Finish roshambo in car

Surf Staircase or Co Line 1 hr 43 minutes or less
(note to support team: go surfing early and I’ll meet you. That way you’ll get a full session in)

Drive to Echo

Hike to Echo

Climb 31 routes

  1. Xanadu .7 - L
  2. Slammer 10b - L
  3. Lowrider 10b - L
  4. Superfly 10a
  5. Air Ranger 10c - L
  6. Junior 9
  7. Little Giant 9 - L
  8. Miss Pacman 9 - L
  9. Game Boy 10a
  10. Welcome to Echo 10a - L
  11. Reverb 10a
  12. Bushed Coyote 10d
  13. Wet Bush 10b
  14. Morning Glory 9 - L
  15. Bushwacked 9 - L
  16. B-Line 10a - L
  17. Caffeine 11b
  18. Americano 11a - L
  19. Bittersweet 10c - L
  20. Cloud Nine 10c - L
  21. Old Dumb Route 11a
  22. Terror In New York 10d - L
  23. Sign of The Times 11b
  24. Litmus Test 10d - L
  25. Catalyst 10b - L
  26. Placebo 10a
  27. Bunsen Burner 10d - L
  28. Buret Arete 11a
  29. Trial and Error 10b
  30. Pop Quiz 10c - L
  31. Final Exam 11b

Finish hiking by doing another lap to the cliff 

To the El Matador to finish drinkin’ 

Finish pull-ups, etc.

Eat, drink, pass out.