11 - 18

Back On The Bike, Y'all

Can you say BONK?

I've got to stop waiting until late to write these cause I'm too tired to write much. Since I had hours alone today to think of things to write, it would be good to get it down but right now, it ain't gonna happen. Actually, it isn't really late but I it may as well be. 

So, I rode uphill for 10,000 feet today. It was friggin' hard! I have doubts that I can do it again tomorrow.

I sort of sandbagged myself on this event because I scheduled everything around giving myself the best possible shot of doing the 400 boulder problems, since that's the thing that I most wanted to do. Because of this I could barely walk this morning. Still, somehow I felt okay on the days first climb. On the second I didn't feel so good. The third was a disaster. I could barely keep up forward progress. Somehow I made it but, as Miss Scarlet would say, tomorrow is another day? The only thing that might get my through this is the knowledge that if I fail I have to keep trying it.

I didn't bring enough food today and that made it worse, so tonight I drove up the climb and stashed some food and water behind a boulder.

At least the weather has gotten good. I'm going to go to sleep now. Thanks for reading.

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