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The First Okie Challenge?

Someone named Macie, from Norman, Oklahoma, sent us this note. If we get any good suggestions we'll paste 'em on the site. Any ideas?

 I want to do something that's a definanate athletic challenge,  but really crazy at the same time. As tempting as it is to just go run 23 miles, or do 23,000 sit ups, or something purely physical like that I also want it to be something unusual, not that that isn't rather odd, because it is. So...that's were you guys come in, because I just cant come up with something truly crazy!


The Monotony Challenge

Phil put on a very good show on Saturday. He lucked out a bit when his fritters failed to show but was able to complete everything else on the list. The challenge almost failed during the first event, as Phil's skin proved unwilling to stay attached to his hands. But he was able to persevere through 35 laps on Power of Eating and get back to his beloved garage--a place where nothing can stop him. After that, it was clockwork. Look for a report with photos to follow.


The Stainless Interview

I was interviewed by Aaron Baker the other day. It will be posted here as soon as I get around to it.


The Monotony Challenge

Phil's final line looks very monotonous, and very hard. Here is his final email. For reference, Power of Eating is powerful 12A (11d Tor grade) and standard crimp is powerful V4. Fritters are ungradable, but I witness Phil eating one King Pin donut and almost be sick. Could get ugly.

I think this is pretty ambitious... 

1. 35 laps on Power of Eating 
2. 35 laps on standard crimp 
3. 350 pullups 
4. 350 pushups 
5. 3.5 fritters 
6. 3.5 glasses of wine 
7. 3.5 beers 

This will be on Saturday, June 8th in case any of you guys can make it


Malignant X

Okay, we get some random things around here. This guy sent this in. Not sure we understand just what the hell he's talking about but we think we do. And we like it. Like it a lot!

Hey kids. Just found your site after reading about it in Climbing magazine. Probably the 500th e-mail like that you've got... Anyway, just wanna say a hearty HELL YEAH, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT. Me and my people are always pushing ourselves in one way or another, living our lives on our own terms. Seems few and far between are the people who understand that. So thanks for being one of those few. 

I fortify this easily splintered bone into a stronghold of will as the balance of man lay beaten in the wake of its own frailty. A horde eager to accept deceit and more so to speak it. Words will sear the throats of all who freely beguile. The truth burns through my veins and in my black heart. Breate the flame that will overwhelm you; flaws ignite swiftly. A product of conceit so absorbed and vain that he thinks himself divine; he is sure to die. And man must truely be God, for he has tried so hard to create me in his image.; a formless image deprived of life. I am the wayward son of man. My fathers have darkened what was the warmest heart the world would ever have known. Relish in what you have created. How can flesh be arrogant when it is so easily charred; a lesson need be learned. These blistered hands wil come to be the iron fist that bestows true and proper perspective. Set your body ablaze. Hollow words will burn, and hollow men will burn.


Mike Reddig Checks In

We don't know this guy but we like his attitude. Here is his proposed challenge, still in formulation:


My name is Mike Reddig and I will be turning 31 on October 17 2002.  I wish I had seen this for my 30th, but better late then never. ;) My challenge for myself is the following. 

Over the course of 3.1 days, starting on Thursday Oct 17th at 9:36 am and ending at 12 noon on Sunday Oct 20th, I will do the following:

1-Lead 31 climbs in Joshua Tree-(trad vs sport and difficulty to be decided later.) 
2-Bike 31 miles-(around or through J-Tree) 
3-Hike 31 miles with 3100 ft of elevation gain.(Will probably combine several hikes, one referred to by my friend who invented it, the "Death" Hike and maybe the Wonderland Connection and the Boy Scout Trail. This will give me 3100 ft of vertical gain with some very technical/hard rock-scrambling and route finding involved which will take me to the highest point in JTree. 
4-I will play 31 holes of frisbee golf. 
5-Eat 31 Krispy Kreme Glazed donuts 
6-Drink 31 cans of Diet Coke 
7-Drink 31 oz of Guinness 
8-Stay Awake for the final 31 hours of my challenge-(i.e.-I will wake up at 5 am on Saturday the 19th and stay awake until noon of the 20th.) 
9-And as my final test I will attempt to juggle three items for 3.1 minutes during the last hour of my challenge just to see if the reflexes are completely gone. 

The days are broken up basically with doing climbing on the 17th.  Biking on the 18th and any finish up on any climbs if I was not able to get all 31 climbs in the day before, then on the 19th I wake up at 5am and will do the hikes.  All the hard vertical hiking first and then the additional hiking on flat ground around Jtree.  Might even do some of that at night to spread it out and help me stay awake for the full 31 hours. Once the 31 miles is done I will then just need to stay awake until noon and finish any eating or drinking I had not done yet.


Requist Comin' Up with a Plan

Santa Barbaran Phil Requist, the man know for absurd volumes of very methodical training has started formulating a birthday challenge plan. So far, it looks very complicated, very repetitious, and obscenely difficult. We're sure he'd have it no other way.

Points at the Tor:
1. Power of Eating: 10 points (redpoint, TR, falls, whatever, its all the
2. Auto-Magic: 10 points moves, 15 points redpoint
3. The Natural: 10 points moves, 20 points redpoint
4. Old Pro Skill: 15 point for all the moves, 25 points for a redpoint
5. Chips: 20 points moves, 30 points redpoint
6. Shatterhand: 20 points moves, 35 points redpoint
7. Better Than Life: 30 points moves, 70 points redpoint
8. Strictly Ballroom: 50 points moves, 200 points redpoint
9. Terrible Angel: 100 points moves, 100,000 points redpoint

If you do the moves on 4 different routes: 10 points
If you do the moves on 5 different routes: 20 points
If you do the moves on 6 different routes: 30 points
If you do the moves on 7 different routes: 60 points
If you do the moves on 8 different routes: 100 points
If you do the moves on 9 different routes: 200 points
If you redpoint 4 different routes: 50 points
If you redpoint 5 different routes: 100 points
If you redpoint 6 different routes: 150 points
If you redpoint 7 different routes: 300 points
If you redpoint 8 different routes: 500 points
If you redpoint 9 different routes: 1000 points

Points for training in SB:
New routes by Bob, Doniel, or Jonathon: 20 points for doing the route, 40 if
done first try.
Route created by you that I don't do, or by me that you don't do: 20 points
Stardard Crimp: 10 points
One-arm: 10 points (2 in one set: 30 points)
Front-lever: 4 points per second (as timed by Bob)
Ab-Roller True: 10 points
Ab-Roller Knees: 1 point
Pullup: 1 point
Pushup: 1/3 point

This is a good base. Points for eating and drinking can be added around it.
Bob, Steve any ideas?


Wisconsin Recap via Todd

I'll write an offical recap later, but here's what happened:
I finished every one of my challenges but one.  Think it was the pull ups?  I was able to rally in the evening after the run and cranked off all six two fingers and the three 100lbers.  Had a pulsing headache after pounding the 7 oz. beers while locking off.
I only had 26 people show for the party instead of 30.
Tim climbed 10 of his 12 5.12s at the Lake.  This took him most of the day.  He forewent his mountain bike and went straight for the case of beer, 2.4 fritters, and 2.4 burritos.  When I last left him, he had already drank 1/2 the case, finished the fritters, but still had 1.4 burritos left.  His mullet was subtle but very nice.  Looked like white trash.  The best part of the day came when he met some climber from Colordo at the Lake.  They started talking about strange and creepy folk at Ibex when Tim realized that he must look like one of these strange folk.
Nate Emerson supported both challenges.  He set the rap anchors for Todd and Tim on Friday night.  He then ran the 30 miles.  He then went for 2.6 burritos and 26 ounces of booze.  When he left the party, he had 1 burrito left (he passed out after the first burrito) and a substantial amount of booze left.  He still plans on lying prone for 26 hours.  He does not know when this will be.
Much more details which made the challenges pretty amusing.  More later with pics.


Birthday Challenge in Climbing Mag

Apparently, Largo (John Long) has written a story about us in Climbing Magazine. It's possible that it means they have published something readable but we'd have to read it to find out, which isn't likely. Anyway, if John wrote the piece, it's gotta be true, or at least entertaining--I will almost guarantee entertaining. So go buy Climbing and read it!


Wisconsin Ready to Rumble II

I just realized that when I said "Tim's is the easiest", I didn't qualify it.  I meant easiest to describe.  Jesus, if does 12 5.12s in one day at the Lake, I think he may be the first.


Wisconsin Ready to Rumble

April is an intense one for birthday challenges.  Tim (turning 24), Todd (30), and Nate (26) all have their birthdays in the first part of April.
Tim and Todd are running theirs on the same day with some overlap.  Nate is doing parts of Tim and Todd's challenge with some other things added, like lying prone for 26 hours.
We need some major support.  The challenge starts April 6th at Midnight.  Here's how it works:
4/6 (midnight): Todd climbs 30 pitches on lead at the East Bluff.  It will be very cold.  Forecast is for the upper 20s. Belayers can belay from sleeping bags and drink whiskey.
4/6 (4am): Tim starts his climbing (12 5.12s at the East Bluff)
4/6 mid morning: Todd goes to the Kettle Morraine and runs 30 miles of trail.
4/6 mid afternoon: Tim mountain bikes 24 miles in the Kettle while drinking 24 Keystone lights
4/6 evening: pull ups, eating, drinking at Whisky Todd's
Support breaks down like this:
Tim needs at least one person to belay and support him.  You can also climb while he rests.  He will also need someone to drive.
Todd needs at least two people for the climbing and at least two people for the run: one to belay him, the other to set single rap lines at the top of climbs (6 climbs total: Cracking Up, Pretzel (no rap needed), Coatimundi Crack, Push Mi Pull Yu, Peter's, and Briton's).  Nate's running support and memory of the 30 mile trail is essential.  Other than that, two vehicles are needed for the run: one to leave at the finish; one to cache water at rests and drive the runners to the start and then provide support at the rests.  Support is easy (but maybe boring) as the trail bisects paved roads at several points.
I also need someone weighing 100 pounds for the pull up challenge.
Rudy, are you running?
Party at the end with BBQ food and free drinks (most likely beer and wine as I will be too tired to tend the bar).  I need 30 people at the bar, so tell your dearest friends.
I believe Patty and Paul Manna will be providing party support.
Git On It and Get Back to me.




Wisconsin Check's In

The latest from Wisconsin correspondent, Todd Mei. Looks like it's going to be a real humdinger!

Yes, my first birthday challenge is just around the corner.  I'm looking to begin the festivities on Satruday (4/7) morning at 12:01AM.  There has been a slight change to my schedule, however.

I will be climbing the 30 pitches first (at night) then running the 30 miles in the Kettle Morraine.
After that, the gym is close and I can do the pull ups there.
After that, it's the bar to entertain 30 people.
Training is going well.  Last week I had a 17 mile week, even with our Barn Burner comp happening that Saturday.  This week, I'm already at 17.5 miles.  I should be peaking with 30 miles per week and a few days of twenty mile walk-running.
We should get a few people together and run the 19 mile Beckler Classic at the Lake.
As for pull-ups, I'll start later than sooner

Lord Pie


Ken Hotaling

Ken's been talking about a new challenge. He sent us this note, so we can look forward to something in October. 

Well, I've done two B-day challenges. One when I turned 30 (30 routes at Williamson, then biked 30 miles), and another when I turned 35 (35 waves surfed- on a day when there were 10' faces).  But, haven't committed to anything this year.      My birthday is October 8th, so a few gentle encouraging remarks around that time would help me keep motivated.     Love your site, and have recommended some friends to check it out.


Dave O'Brien

Unfortunately, Dave's challenge had no photographer. Here is a nice wrap-up he sent us on this year's event: 

I should have written this earlier.
The challenge:

To celebrate and to live my life....Saturday, Nov 3rd: (actual birthday: 11/01/74)  AGE 27

The report:
One significant part of my challenge this year started the night before the true challenge was planned to occur.  Let me explain:  After I arrived home from work on Friday, I began to prepare for the following day.  I set my running shoes out.  I made sure my bike shoes and helmet were in fact where I had thought they were.  (I have a small place, and things sometimes get buried under things or hidden from sight inside our extra storage-guest-office-closet-and more storage room.)  I turned my energy to my boat.  Soon it was uncovered, wish a quick wash and vacuum and ready to go....or not.  I decided to give it a quick start, check gas levels, etc.  However, when the key turned the engine did not.  "No worries!" I thought as I hooked up the battery charger...totally normal for sitting a month since the last use.  To make a long story short, a few hours after dinner the boat did not start; nor did it after an hour of trouble shooting.  However it did start after new wiring around 2AM.  This was much to my liking, but I'm sure my neighbors were not pleased by the sound of a V8 without mufflers.  I was in bed by 2:30.
5:15 comes pretty early, no matter what time you go to sleep.  I dropped my wife Kara off at her work and headed toward the Donut Den in Crestline to pick up the apple fritters.  Although Donut Den's fritters are larger than the King Pin variety, they are not nearly as dense with grease.  Evil they are anyway!  Be warned, procure fritters and you may die! 
The first fritter went down easy (so to speak) as I went about last minute preparations:  hook up boat, fill with gas, drop off boat with Kara.  I strolled over to hand over the keys with my second fritter in hand, quite pleased to be so far along with the fritter section of the challenge.  I had consumed about a quarter of the second fritter when I caught up with my wife and the sandbagging began.  "Why are you trying to eat that?"  "You better not whine after you puke."  Were these comments really coming from my loving-supportive wife?  They were.  Kara and her coworkers divided a fraction of my fritter amongst themselves...making the leftovers and what I had already eaten be about 1.7 fritters; only one more to go after that.  Soon I was back at my house, (my stomach turning) when Reed arrived.  I tried to ignore and deny the battle inside and chewed off a nice bite as we exchanged greetings.
We drove to Rim High school to run the 2.7 miles (a shortened version of their Cross Country course).  Very early in the run Reed was describing how he "poisoned his body" the night before, which I would say is typical for an early morning run.  I gave him some valuable beta how I used to fool our coach by shortcutting the longest uphill.  One highlight was when a stranger in the woods yelled, "Good job!  You can do it!" near the top of the hill.  Although I couldn't see where the voice came from at the time, it helped push me to the top.  To his surprise, we passed each other at the crest going opposite directions...he was still encouraging the others in his group that followed behind him.  Reed clapped and ran with me for a bit more before doubling back towards the car.  I ran down to where the last uphill and started slowly worked my way back to the car, and the second fritter I was still trying to consume.  Although I don't have an official time, we agreed it was within the time limit in the challenge.
Next, we were on the bikes.  I had planned the route so that it started at a much higher elevation than it ended, overall dropping over 1500 ft in elevation.  The first part was on paved mountain roads through Lake Arrowhead.  We were dropping though the shadows of the pines with cold air on our faces, a perfect refreshment after a run.  Most of the downhill we coasted, but I cranked down a few times in the hard gear just to remind Reed of his single speed.  Later, he out climbed me.  After some wheelies on the uphill we got to the dirt.  The first trail (3w12) is a single/double track that winds down through the forest and drops you into some of the biggest whoop-de-doos I've ever been on.  The crux of the day resulted from my seat spontaneously exploding.  We were able to repair my seat post's broken bolt with the quick release seat clamp, but the seat now had no adjustment and was as low as it could be.  Reed lowered his seat in support, to share in the suffering.  By luck, we ran into a volunteer forest ranger who had an extra bolt that worked.  Soon we were on the second trail (3w11-fun loop) which is very similar to 3w12 and just as fun.  We traversed the pilot rock ridge, which had more uphill than I remembered.  the final descent to the lake follows the dirt road from the ridge and drops significant elevation past some fun burms and rollers.  At this point I felt as if all my joints were rattling apart.  I'm very glad I didn't have to ride back up to the starting point.
A flailed miserably behind the boat on the ski part of the challenge.  By this time, I was very tired...from running, from biking, from watching Reed ride circles around me on his single speed.  Not once did I actually clear the whole wake while airborne, but I had a fun ride.  I was behind the boat (in and out of the water) for about 20 minutes.  The water was cold, but very smooth...even glassy in a few patches.  I cut some sharp turns and went faster on a ski than I had ever gone before.  I wasn't sure how I would do on this part of the challenge; I've never timed myself or used an other criteria to measure a good ride.
Of course, the BBQ afterwards hit the spot.  Hungry as I was, fritters never sounded good.   Thanks to all who supported me, I will definitely do another challenge next year. 


Lydia Grant

Lydia did complete her challenge. As of now that is all the info we had, except that it did contain fritters and they were, once again, a factor. Congrats, Lydia!


Hal Higdon

So, I'm sitting at my desk reading some silly magazine from Chicago called the "Chicago Athlete."  I am reading the column at the end of the magazine when I note that the guy writing the article was on his way to: Run 7 marathons in 7 months to celebrate his 70th birthday and help raise $700,000 for 7 different charities, with a goal pace of 7 minutes per kilometer.  Pretty cool. When he turned 60 he also did 6 marathons in 6 weeks to celebrate. Maybe you guys should contact him.  His website is:

- Reed Bartlett reporting


The New Year

Gone but not forgotten. Birthday Challenge has been strangely quiet lately. While not much reporting has been sent it, it's rumored that more challenges are on the way, including Lydia Grant's second annual later this month.


The Fall Wrap-Up

Okay, fall isn't over yet but here is what's been happening so far. We are still awaiting many reports but word has filtered in about successful challenges from David O'Brien, Traci Marx, Rachel Sorger, and last year's Seinfeld Award winner Louie Anderson. We happened to catch up with Louie during the waning hours of his epic and things were going a little, shall we say, shaky. Apparently doing 150 boulder problems ON-SIGHT was a bit more taxing than he had planned on. Hopefully, we'll get the full details soon.


The Last-Minute Challengers...

You might be wondering what's up with the birthday challenge guys. Last year they both had challenges set far in advance and commenced on long and grueling training regimes ( Bob's 2000 challenge / Steve's 2000 challenge). 

This year couldn't be more different. First, Bob drove to Yosemite the night before his birthday with no idea of what he would you. "I'm doing a birthday challenge, that's all I know" he said about 4 hours before he coaxed Hans Florine into joining him for part of what turned into a pretty damn rugged impromptu day. In fact, "I think I'm gonna puke" were the first words uttered upon Banks' completion of his final task.

Now Edwards is in the hot seat. This year his birthday falls on Thanksgiving, not the perfect situation for aligning support. Will it be him going at something alone? It's been done before. Or could it be that last year was just too taxing? Reports have filtered out of Wisconsin that Sir Stainless has grown old and soft and spends the bulk of his days in a Lay-Z-Boy, drinking Oly and watching re-runs of The Eiger Sanction. Seriously, this could not be true ...


A Halloween Message From Wisconsin ...

California Pussies,

It has come to my attention that there has been talk of reneging the holy
sanction of Steve Edwards. Is a man no longer held accountable for his words?
Is it true that you California types are unable to bring yourselves to
Wisconsin, because it might be too cold?  Am I the only one who is willing
to live his life to fullest.  Is it true what Todd says, "you're a bunch of
candy-ass sunbathed midgets. Shame on you pooftas.  Shame on you.  I'll see
your sorry asses in January or the name shall no
longer be spoken with the reverence we thought it justly deserved. In the
words of Mr. Way, that's way homo.



Dave O'Brien's Upcoming Challenge

To celebrate and live my life.... 

Here is the plan: 
Nov 3rd: (the first is my actual day) 
Trail run 2.7 mile loop in less than 27 minutes. 
On the bike, 27 miles.  Route consists of about 9 miles single track, 12 miles dirt fire roads and 6 mile on the pavement; Starting in Lake Arrowhead and ending at Lake Silverwood....mostly flat xc with some very fun downhill sections. 
My boat will be ready at the lake where I slip out of the biking' shoes and into a ski.  I will ski or wakeboard for 27 minutes or 2.7 laps around the lake.  During the ride I will attempt 27 wake to wake close to 27 mph. 
The crux?  OH YES!   2.7 apple fritters...
how foolish I am to not train for this! BBQ at the lake...maybe I can get 27 friends? Any and all are welcome to join... 



Reed Bartlett's 35th 'Labor' Day!

Report Just In!


Jason Mittman checks in with something big in the works ...

Might be a little early... but this one is going to need some heavy duty planning and training! 

In a maximum of 3 days and 10 hours: 
Start in Austin  @ powerhouse gym.  lift 310,000 Lbs 
Run to Barton SPrings pool.  Swim 3.1 miles 
Trail Run From Barton Springs to the Urban Assault Wall on the Greenbelt. 
Ascend/Rappel a total of 31 times (the wall is aprox. 80 feet high) 
Continue on the greenbelt to the hill of life: Run up it 31 times (hill of life is a tortuos climb) (The total run, not counting the hill of life) is going to be aprox. 9.3 miles) 
Bike from there to Hunt, Texas. Paddle the Guadalupe 31 miles from Hunt to Comfort near Interstate 10. 
Bike from there to San Antonio for aprox Bike ride total of 155 miles (half of 310) 
Go to Downtown San Antonio and Stair climb the 3 highest buildings (tower of Americas, Marriott hotel, and whatever #3 is) Would like the last stair climb to be up the top of tower of Americas and rappel down...getting permission to do so is probably very slim to nill 
And of course most important part: raise minimum $31,000 for Charity: This Time half for Parkinsons (grandmother had it) and half for Would like to start working now on a pharmaceutical company or other related industry to sponsor/match donations. Will need to start working on getting my "Team" together asap. 

Well... that's it. THOUGHTS??????? - jason


Reed Bartlett's 35th 'Labor' Day!

So who says it's a day of rest? Reed 'The Imbiber' Bartlett battled through his second Birthday Challenge over the Labor Day weekend in Santa Barbara. Cranked through the cycling, sandbagged on the run, tested on the bouldering, and soaked in a kayak, and pushed to his ultimate limits by the loathsome King Pin fritters, super burritos and cocktails, Reed pushed through to a uncompromising success (well...almost!). Full wrap-up coming soon, complete with photos.


Greg Carter's Wrap-up Just in!

Check out Greg's detailed report of his Texas-style challenge.



Birthday Challenge  Central

Todd Mei has the taunts flying from our fly-over-zone headquarters in Madison, WI. Boulders Climbing Gym has become the official Midwest birthday challenge drinking destination. See you there ... okay, maybe not. 

The Madison birthday challenge board is up in Boulders.  It features some literature written by Steve as well as pictures and write ups from past and future challenges here in Madison. 

I added something else to my challenge.  Through the course of the challenge, I have to listen to only one CD-- Steve Miller's Greatest Hits. Sandbag. 

I was training for my two finger, one arm lock offs by doing a regular one arm lock off while drinking a 12 oz beer.  Of course it was Pabst.  It's fun and sort of easy.  Try it. 

Well, tomorrow I'm off to the Tower, but not before running seven miles and then drinking Gimlets at 11AM.  I'm going to try and get Neuman to do a night climb with me.  Perhaps the only time I will go up the Durance again. 

Well, the challenge is out there for all you West Coast pansies.  We have several birthday challenges here in Wisconsin from pretty fit individuals. Neuman's takes place in the dead of winter.  Tim Halbakken, Nate Emerson and myself have birthdays on April 4th, 8th, and 12th.  Ever done a triple challenge?  Nate is a distance runner.  I had trouble keeping up with him on the 30 mile trail run towards the end.  He also climbs rather hard. Altogether, I think we might as well go head to head against you soft, bronze bums. Anyway, you should sanction at least the January or April challenges.  I'll need a lot of support for my challenge, especially the part where I have to entertain 30 people at my bar.  I don't think I know 30 people.


Power and Endurance

David Batka of Atlanta has signed up for a one-year challenge. Not only does his challenge combine both power and endurance sports but he plans to raise $32,000 for charity!  So far, it looks like this:

Here is my birthday challenge for the next 320 days, I turned 32 on June 20 this year:

Beginning August 13, 2001 and ending June 29, 2002 (320 Days).

1. Raise $32,000 for Cure Childhood Cancer or Atlanta Miracle League

2. Run a total of 1032 miles
3. Run 3.2 miles in 32 minutes running backward
4. Run 4.5 miles in 32 minutes running forward
5. Run 32 miles in 32 hours in the 32nd state (MN)
6. Run 4 times up and down St. Mountain (cumulative total of 3200 ft elevation) in less than 3:20. Performed 3 times.
7. Run outside in only shorts, socks and shoes for 32 minutes in
32F weather
8. Bike 320 miles in 3 consecutive days, crossing 3 states and reaching an elevation over 3200 ft. (Blueridge Pkwy - VA, NC, TN)
9. Accomplish 10K/40K/10K biathlon in less than 3:20
10. Bench press 320 lbs every 32 days
11. Jump rope for 3 min 20 seconds, perform 32 pull-ups, 32 push-ups, 32 free standing squats, 32 crunches, 32 tricep dips, and run 3.2 miles in less than 32 minutes. Performed every 32 days.
12. Perform 32 consecutive Bruce Lee "Flags"
13. Jump rope for 32 consecutive minutes, with 3 min 20 sec cumulative break
14. Fast for 32 hours
15. Trim down to 32" waist (at 34" now)
16. Enjoy 32 oz of Coors Light and 32 Fritters with 32 friends at 3233 Roswell Road, Atlanta.

We're wondering if he bought that house just for his birthday challenge.

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