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Friend of Josh

Kenji Haroutunian has taken the plunge and decided to try and raise $4,000 for The Friends of Joshua Tree, a non-profit organization that helps coordinate climber/park relations.  He's had nearly no time to train, yet is still attempting to more than double the number of climbing pitches he has ever done in a day, plus deal with four kids at Disneyland ... alone!


Some Guys Named Dave

David O'Brian, one person who has taken the BC New Year's Resolution, sent us this:

Dear B.C.!

My good friend, also Dave, turned 25.  The challenge was 25 chairlift ascents with accompanying ski descents at Mammoth Mountain in a single day....8am-4pm.  Although we failed the challenge, mostly due to lift lines ending the day with only 17 runs.  However, we had a good time including a near jaw-breaking rock drop near the cornice bowl.


Thanks Dave. Sounds like next year will call for a little more strategy. Maybe take out a couple of the ski patrol and use their jackets to skip waiting in line. Birthday challenges can't be denied...


Finally, Spring is Here!

February was a bad month for challenges. First, Josh Finkelstein was called away on business then Brandon Thau went through 4 rainouts before he was finally able to squeeze his challenge in between storms.

We now have Jason Mittman's diary. Make sure you check it out. As soon as we purchase some more space it will also be showcasing a video of his challenge--in episode form, since it's around a half an hour in length. More photos from this event will should be posted later this week.

Make sure to look at Ted Peterson's Parting Thoughts about the trials, tribulations, and rewards of doing a multi-day challenge.

With the weather getting better, potential challenges are coming in from around the country. In Wisconsin, where spring is still nowhere to be seen, Todd Mei has something cooking that requires him to be at one with the cold. In Culver City, California, Kenji Haroutunian is planning to break away from his wife and three kids for some epic, off-the-couch suffering. In Austin, Texas, Greg Carter is coming up with the antithesis of Mr. Mei, concocting a 32-hour affair during the middle of the sweltering Texas summer that features plenty of exercise and consuming an un-godly amount of cup-O-soup. In Santa Barbara, California, Wendy Overend has a challenge that features "three of those King Pin thingies". And in Colorado, Mike Brown and Jeff Buhl have come up with something that has them summating numerous desert towers and biking hundreds of miles on a home-made tandem bike!

Stay tuned.


Ladies Month

January was Ladies month. First, Jason raised 30 grand for breast cancer, which was followed by three reports on women's challenges.

Ingrid Tistaert finally got her write-up in. It's a great read so check it out!

Lydia Grant completed her challenge, which was reported on by husband Jaime,

and 30-day old Marianna Florine became the youngest person to ever attempt the Milk Challenge.


Jason Makes It!

Jason finished in grand style, even upping his weight total to 30,000 lbs. A major sponsor may also have pushed him over the top on the fund raising. Final tally and report coming soon.


Jason's Challenge on Austin 360

Jason's been getting a lot of press and news of the challenge made the Austin 360 Web site. Check it out at:


Jason's Itinerary

For anyone out there that wants to follow or join in on Jason's challenge, here is the latest info. He starts THIS SATURDAY! We are also still looking for more donations to make his $30,000 goal. Hey, it's a tax write-off for a good cause.

Howdy Everyone!!

Birthday challenge prep is coming along extraordinarily well. The big day is coming up and each of you has expressed some interest in joining along for part.   THANK YOU!!

It is going to be essential to have folks with me as the biking leg will go through the night and the run leg will start with me mentally and physically THANK YOU!!! I WILL URGENTLY NEED TO KNOW IF YOU PLAN ON JOINING PLEASE EMAIL BACK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.



START TIME:  9:00 A.M.

START LOCATION: We are going to start from the SWEETISH HILL BAKERY ON WEST 6TH street in downtown Austin  2 blocks west of Lamar.

BIKE ROUTE: The bike leg will begin in downtown Austin. We will cut over to highway 360, work our way north into Georgetown, than east of I-35 than south back to downtown.  This will be aprox. 100 miles of the bike leg. Than we will work south east and than west to San Marcos.  Than back up to Buda.  Mills Cooper and John Beard will have turn by turn route info complete soon. 

BACK UP ROUTE:  We will modify if needed. The support vehicles will have cell phones (numbers below) so please check before you head out to join me!!!

RUN ROUTE: The Buda 30K Run SUNDAY MORNING, JAN 14TH  beginning in Buda, TX.
Please go to [Jason Mittman] for details.

WEIGHTS: Powerhouse Gym on 5th and Lamar if time permitting. Elsewise weights on the side of the road wherever that may be!!

THINGS YOU SHOULD BRING:  NOTE VERY LIKELY IT MAY RAIN A LITTLE IN THE DAY AND BE COLD AT NIGHT!!..PLEASE DON'T LET IT DETER YOU!! - bike clothing or run clothing (depending on what you plan on doing with me) for COLD, WET, OR HOT WEATHER.   Good cold/wet clothing will obviously be important! - water and hydration fluids for your self - food for your self - head lights and rear red blinky light if you are going to ride with me at night. - transportation if you are not going to come along the whole way (and if you are... are you crazy?????) - change of clothing is recommended - spare inner tubes/ etc. for the bike leg.

John and Mills will ave cell phones with them and be the ones during the bike leg to most successfully get you to the exact location to join in with the ride.

Jason MIttman: Email:
Hm: 512-371-1358

Sheila Reiter: Email:
Hm: 512-371-1358

Mills Cooper 512-263-7025

John Beard



Jason on TV

Jason was on TV this morning in Austin. He recorded the interview and says it went really well. Maybe we'll find a way to get it on the site before next weekend. He reports that training is going well but he's tired. The fundraising is coming along but he still has $20,000 to go. Spread the word!


Sweet Pea Sallies Forth

A cold has put a damper on Ted's 34-day challenge but he is continuing push on. Catch the latest here.


Birthday Challenge Awards!

Happy New Year everyone! Birthday challenge has awards a handful of challenges awards for 2000. Check here for the winners. Next year promises to offer many more categories so get creative with those challenges.


Wanna Make 10,000 Bucks?

In typical Jack LaLanne fashion, birthday challenge will award 10,000 smackeroo's to anyone that can repeat the Jack LaLanne Award challenge. Awards will be announced soon.


John Fieldhouse Completes Monster Half-Ironman

On December 30th, Redlands, California resident John Fieldhouse completed his challenge of finishing a half-ironman.  What makes this unique is that when his birthday rolled around, he found himself too unfit to complete the challenge so he allowed himself 34 days (his age) to train. He must have trained pretty efficiently because his event turned out to be a tad more than your standard half-ironman. Stay tuned for the full report.

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