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Name: Marianna Florine

Birthday: November 25, 2000

Occupation: Champion speed-climber in training

Home: Yosemite, CA

The Challenge:

The Milk Challenge

The Youngest Birthday Challenge
Marianna's 30-Day Challenge

Yes folks, it might well be the earliest BD challenge to date!
Little 30-day-old Marianna Florine went for a challenge on her 30th day birthday!

Her goal was inspired by the adults famous "milk challenge", she downsized the proportions in accordance with her size, - weighing in at 10 lbs 6 oz.

Her challenge:
Consume 30 ml of mother's milk straight from mommy’s breast in 300 seconds (the only way she'll take it).
Hold the milk down for 300 seconds, while doing 30 bicycling leg movements on the floor.

The clock started and sure enough the consumption was no problem, finishing off in well under 300 seconds and taking a few mls over the required amount. Immediately being set down she rapped off 30 bicycling leg movements with great coaxing from the parents. With 3 minutes, 180 seconds, passed she smiled at mom and dad and it looked like she was well on the way to success.

Then with a slight twitch in her eye and a quivering lower lip she let loose an arcing white stream which cleared her burp cloth and got on daddy's leg and mommy’s shirt.

Although she's 0-1 , Marianna vows to drink her old man's world champion cup full of milk, approximately 1.3 gallons, on her 13th birthday. We'll let you know how the training goes....


Daddy and Mommy O’ Marianna reporting.

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