10 - 19

The Big Day

Here is a topo and directions to The Birthday Challenge Boulders.

The big day is here and I'm about to start the 3-hour drive to the trailhead. It's like those Tour guys, when they have finished the first week and are about to start weeding out the field in the mountains. The question in my mind is whether or not I'm going to be one of those getting weeded out. 

I feel pretty stiff but that is normal after the week I've had. All else is okay--except my wrist which I shouldn't be needing tonight and tomorrow--and I think I'm about ready for a 20-hour ordeal. It's certain that I'll be forced to dig into my reserves tomorrow and the questions remains whether my body will decide to respond like Armstrong in this year's Tour, when he got out of the saddle and rode away with the race, or will I be like Pantani, set up perfectly to win but only to see the body bonk. 

Either way, it should be fun. This is the day I've been looking forward to. I guess I'd better go get at it.

By the way, Hans said that the amount of elevation gain, 60,000' (30K up and down) has only been accomplished once before, when a guy went up and down Mt. Shasta four times in a day. 

Wish me luck.

And Louie, good luck to you. 34 diet cokes! That sounds horrible!

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