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King Pin Donuts

Alright, I just finished the last bite of my fourth King Pin apple fritter. I feel absolutely terrible. Beyond description, really. It was, by far, my hardest challenge yet. We also put up a passel of boulder problems today, which I'll talk more about tomorrow. 

Normal Guy
(pointing to the last 3 square inches of fritter)

"Would you rather eat the rest of that fritter or a piece of shit?"

(hesitates for a minute, contemplative)

"Make it horse shit and you've got a deal."

A little King Pin history for you:

The Apple Fritter Challenge is traditionally 2 apple fritters and a jelly donut from King Pin. No other fritters will do. King Pin lore is so great that I couldn't begin to go into it all here but only a handful of people ever completed the original challenge. I had, sort of, with a substitute jelly donut so it wasn't really the same. Others have completed it numerous times and all agree that it has a cumulative effect. We are all pretty sure that once ingested, these fritters never leave your system. Others have said that their half-life surpasses that of plutonium. The last fritter challenge was on Hans' Birthday Challenge this year when he was to attempt 3.6. He ate one immediately after our first climb and nearly puked on the next, ending his attempt soon after. My friend Rob Norris' first comment upon reading my agenda was 
King Pin fritters!! You're gonna die."

So maybe this will be my last report. Adios amigos.

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