The Dad Challenge

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Name: Kenji Haroutunian

Birthday: April 21, 1961

Occupation: Marketing Dude, Outdoor Retailer


The Challenge:
(Over a period of 4 days)

40 pitches of rock climbing

40,000' skiing

play 40 songs (4 originals)

4 kids for 4 hours at disneyland (solo)

catch 40 STRAIGHT passes from 40 yards

40 boulder problems on home wall

bowl 4 games of 140

4 40ozers of malt liquor

4 KING PIN fritters

raise $4,000 for the friends of joshua tree


Well, I did it. 

All objectives of my Epic Birthday Challenge were achieved; thanks to the awesome support of friends and family, I was able to accomplish my lofty goals in style (for the most part).  Jack La Lanne would be proud of me. 

To quickly review.... in Four Days I managed:

4.0 kids averaging 4.0 yrs. old for 4.0 hours at Disneyland (solo)  ACTUAL TIME 4.1 hours

40 pitches of Rock Climbing (led 18 of 40)

40,000 vertical feet of skiing (Telemark gear, ACTUAL 41,920 feet, 32 runs)

4 games bowled above 140 (ACTUAL scores 141, 170. 180, 159)

40 passes caught at 40 yards in a row (Total passes thrown, 76)

40 Boulder problems on (super steep) home wall

4.0 "Foties" (40 oz. beers)

while playing 40 songs (4 Originals too)

AND THE CLINCHER... 4.0 Apple Fritters eaten in 24 hour span (yuck)

photos: the gang at disneyland; pitch 1; the support team; the challenge shirt


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A Giant Shout of THANKS to those who joined me on my specific challenges; Mike McKay, Tim Richards, Chris Allport, Benjamin Malave, Alex, Bruce White, Jeff Carlson, Tyler Peterson, Bob Remstein, Dad and Sister Cindy, and Stainless Steve Edwards.  Oh, and my supremely patient wife, Susan.

Thanks too to Outdoor Retailer and everyone at work for giving me the crucial support there to pull this off.

One lesson learned is that greatness can be accomplished with the right players on your team. The other lesson is that for some inexplicable reason all of the activities I enjoy seem to have an abrasive effect on my hands.....


The other Giant Shout out goes to those who ponied up a pledge to help the Friends of Joshua Tree reach the $4000.00 goal...... the last and as yet unattained goal of my Epic Challenge.  Of course the results aren't in yet on this, so the sooner you send your pledged amount in to ...

Friends of Joshua Tree
P.O. Box 739
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

...the sooner we'll see the tallied results.  I will post the total figure on both the Birthday Challenge website and the Friends of Joshua Tree website by May 16, my sister's birthday. Thanks again for your generous pledge, you will receive a letter of gratitude and receipt to use for your '01 taxes next year.  Save it, every little bit helps!  I will send a personal note to you folks who need the math done as well.  Thanks again, and if you haven't yet pledged, please do so now!

Your friend, Kenji Haroutunian

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