Name: Jenny Johnson
Birthday: Sept 10
Occupation: teacher
Resides: Monterrey, Mexico

The Challenges

in 36 hours
36 bum pinches (me pinching others)
36 kisses to different people
36 pull ups (not all at once thank god!)
36 push ups (all at once!)
360 sit-ups
3.6 km run
36 km off-road bike
36 bolts of 5.11 lead climbing
36 steps on my hands (help is okay)
36 consecutive throws of the frisbee
36 pony tails (all at once)
36 seconds on a donkey (lots of donkeys in Huasteca Canyon)
3.6 liters of water (no problem!)
36 times in and out of water
6 trumpo taquitos from the corner taco stand


Jenny Johnson's 36th Birthday Challenge

I am a friend of Aimee Roseborrough (and her husband Kyle).  Last year Aimee sent me the link to this birthday challenge site and her bday challenge page.  I, of course, was so impressed I had to blab about the really buff chick I knew who did all these amazing things on her 30th birthday (complete with showing the webpage) to all my friends.  Lo and behold, I was presented with a birthday challenge of my own by these same "friends" this past weekend in Mexico. 
My boyfriend, Jay, and other assorted friends presented the list to me on Friday evening in the cocina of La Posada, at El Potrero Chico (we all work at one of the American schools here in Monterrey...I know, rough life), and the challenge began with my first shower Saturday morning.  
By 3pm I had the 36 bolts of climbing (actually, by 2:30 I was 1 bolt short so I TRed the 12a Jhan put up as penance) and it was time to head to the pool at the Posada for a quick dip.  Back at home, I took a quick shower (water #3).  Some friends came over for dinner and I started on my pull ups...ironically, though I can climb 5.11 with relative ease, I can only do a maximum of 2 pull ups!

Later that evening,  with me decked out in 36 ponytails, we went to Charlotte's 25th birthday party where I had great success pinching asses and kissing cheeks.  I figured, with a giant paper mache penis hanging from the ceiling, a little ass accosting wouldn't get much notice.  Also at the party, I accomplished the 36 steps on my hands in the middle of the dance floor (with the help of Becky and Jhan) and even got the donkey ride in since Jhan, who put it on the list, decided I could substitute a jack ass.   I rode Jhan in the middle of the dance floor as well for 36 seconds.  (We were all drunk... it made perfect sense at the time.)  The party made for a late bedtime and a late morning.

 After some coffee, I took another shower.  I had some school work to do (I'm a teacher) so in between papers, I whipped off my push ups and did sets of 1 pull up-30 sit ups-1 pull up.  Unfortunately, all my friends and Jay had to put in some time at school on Sunday afternoon so I ended up on my own for the run and bike.  I set off on the run later than I wanted, did a loop, ending up back at home for another shower. 

Now, the bike.  It is 18 km to the dam in Huasteca Canyon.  Right now there is water in the canyon, which is a rarity.  I figured I'd bike and dunk as I went.  The best laid plans...  I got going on the bike and didn't want to get off.

Made it to the dam in good time, reached into my waterpack for my Odwalla bar and got nothing but air...I'd forgotten food AND money (yes, I know I am 18 km back into a canyon, but enterprising Mexicans will put a little tienda anywhere).  It was a long 18 km home...thankfully it was mostly downhill.  


I pulled off 5 dunkings in the river jumping off Sarah's Cherry Popper, an old favorite 5.8 climb that is now one side of a deep swimming hole, before I'd swallowed so much skanky water that I thought I'd throw up (remember--empty stomach).  Wobbled home and jumped in the shower (water #10).

Clean, I still had 60 sit ups and 8 pull ups to do, plus the frisbee throws, 6 taquitos, and many more water dunkings.  

I knocked off the sit ups and pullups.  Jay got home and we attempted the frisbee throwing.  However, I was wasted.  I needed food.  

Luckily, the taco stand was opening right about then.  Six taquitos later (I normally eat 2) I was revitalized and ready to try the frisbee again. 

 Success!  And time was up.  I did it all except the 26 of the water dunks.