name: Catra Corbett

born: December 24, 1964

occupation: help people get healthy, run really far, live every day like it's my last

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2005 itinerary

April 2-3 Umstead 100 (22:38) 

April 23rd-Zane Grey 50m Arizona
April 30th- Mi-Wok 100k
May 21st Ohlone solo 100m
June 22nd WST solo unsupported record.
Why? Why not?
July 11th-29th JMT (John Muir Trail) triple or Yo Yo Yo.  636 mile in 18 days. Why??? No one has done it!
August-TRT (Tahoe rim trail) speed record.
September- Wasatch 100, Angeles Crest 100 and Rio del Lago 100.
October- Javelina 100 & San Diego 100
December- some crazy ass adventure for my birthday run.  Not sure what.
I will be doing many 50k and 50m races as well.
I am hoping to climb El Cap this year too.

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Catra's 2005 Challenge Blog

Her birthday's not 'til December but Catra's got a such a crazy year planned that it's basically one long birthday challenge. It began when she complete 2 100+ mile runs for her birthday last year within a month and has been rolling along ever since. And if you think this year looks nuts, consider that as soon as she gets a "bit more free time" she's going to attempt to set the world record for 100-mile runs in a year. 

Dec 25

Hi Friends-

I'm still alive just very busy.  I ran my b-day run a few weeks ago.  Only ran 102 miles.  Hurt my ankle at mile 38 and decided I knew I could pull off 102 miles.  The weather got ugly so it was a blessing that I wasn't out longer.  I don't think I would of had enough warm clothes to get me through the next night.

I have been just getting ready for HURT 100.  Leave next week for Hawaii.

This picture was taken on my B-day December 24th.  Yosemite Falls.  It was super cold.

I hope you all had a wonderful Holidays.



Dec 13

Hi my friends-

Here is my latest art piece.  Most of you know I will be running 141 miles starting Friday at 5am.  I hope to finish in under 52 hours.  Please send me positive vibes for a positive and peaceful journey.

I hope everyone is well.



Dec 5

Just a picture of me and my latest piercing.  yep got my septum pierced.  I will say out of all my 25 piercings this one hurt the least.  Paul at Braindrops is an amazing piercer. 

Just getting ready for my b-day run.  141 miles scary!!!

My friend Johnny was getting a tattoo finished so I had to get something.  And since I had just found out I got in WST 100 had to celebrate.  So I got a new piercing.

Hope everyone is well.



Dec 2

Today was a beautiful day on Mount Diablo. Ran 35 miles.  I did a little bit of climbing along the way.  Great upper body work out.

Just hoping tomorrow I get picked in the Western States 100 lottery.  It's days like today that I am thankful for.  I'm alive and have been blessed with the ability to run for hours and hours and hours.  LOL:)

One more thing make sure you hug at least 3 people a day.  Positive energy transfer is a beautiful thing.


Catra aka monkey girl

Nov 30

I know we all have bad days from time to time.  For the past three years I get super depressed around the holidays.  I really start missing my Mom, who past away three years ago.  She was so into the holidays.  She loved to decorate and make everything festive. 
I feel so lucky to have you all as friends.  With people like you in my life I make it through the crux each year.
I was feeling depressed today so I started looking through my JMT pictures from this year.  By the time I was done i felt happy again.
this was taken near 1,000 islands lake on the JMT this year.  This year was one of the worst snow years on the JMT and anyone who made it through had many stories of their journey.  It was a test of survival and most of us past the test. 
There was at least 9 people who died out there on the JMT/PCT section this year.
Life is to short to be sad and depressed so I will just keep looking at my pictures when I get sad.

Nov 29

Hi Friends-
Just want to pass on something I practice everyday on my run.  I pick up three pieces of trash.
  I know I'm just on person but it makes a difference on my trail. 
 I often tell hikers to pick up trash on the way down from the peak if they see any. 
 Maybe one person might listen.  Come to think about they must be listening.  On my run today I had to look for the third piece of trash.
Have a happy day and keep your trails clean.

Nov 25

Hi Friends-

Yesterday I mentioned the beautiful weather we were having and how I was running in a tank top.  Look at me today, it was cold foggy and rainy.  How I love days like this.

My friends called me this morning hoping I had somehow became a wimp over night and wouldn't want to run in the rain.  Nope I'm still just as hardcore as ever.  I'm not going to melt in the rain!  They are training to run 62 miles on my b-day run and are also training for HURT 100.  I told them they need to be hardcore like me.  They showed up.  We had a blast running 20 miles in the rain and slippery mud, good training for HURT 100 I told them.  We will all run Quad. dipsea tomorrow 28 mile race.  Looks like the weather will be sunny tomorrow.  Hope you're all having a great Black Friday.  I know I did out on the trail.



Nov 24

Can you believe it, tank top in November at night.  I ran three hours and finished at 6:30pm.  it never got cold enough to put on my jacket. 
The top of Mission Peak is behind my head.  This is my favorite place to run.  This place has helped me through the ups and downs in my life.  If I'm having a bad day all I have to do is head up the Peak.  Everything seems better by the time I'm done.  it really is a magical place for me.
I'm so Thankful to have this place to run just several miles from my house.   I hope you all are lucky enough to have a place like Mission Peak to go to, and help guide you through life.

Oct 31

Halloween is the only time I can be me, without anyone judging me.  On Halloween I some how blend in.   Doing my makeup today, I thought to myself.  I use to do this each and everyday 11 years ago when I was a Goth.   I can't believe how time consuming it was to be a Goth each and everyday.

I guess I had time.  I wasn't an Ultrarunner.  Now my days are taken up with training 2-8 hours a day.  Back than I spent that amount of time getting ready to go out clubbing.

Today I dressed as a Goth butterfly.  I won first place $100 gift certificate at Whole Foods.  It was fun being a Goth for a day again.

To be honest I much rather be dirty and sweaty, running all the day on the trails being a Ultrarunner then to be a Goth.   Being a Goth is high maintenance.  I guess I've changed over the years I'm no longer high maintenance.

I must admit, I still love my Goth Music.  Heard the Goth anthem today, Everyday is Halloween by Ministry.  Funny how I use to live like Halloween was everyday.

I'm thankful for who I was, and who I am today.

Happy Halloween,


Oct 27

Well I did it!  I got Max tattooed to me.  Now I will never have a bad run.  You all know I carry a little Max doll for good luck.  There have been times where he was left behind.  Only when I don't carry my hydration pack.  I still take him with me.  Usually keep him in a drop bag.

Well now I will have my good luck idol with me.

I ended up getting two new tatts while in San Diego. 

This weekend no 100 WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?????

I'm going to get a new tattoo my artist in Fremont has drawn up a chest piece.  Not going to tell what it is.

I have two weeks of until my next 100.  That's right another.  I said I would never run the SD 1 day, don't like the road.   Changed my mind seems like a good challenge.



Oct 24

Hi Friends-

I'm finally done with the "Catra slam".  5 hundreds in 7 weeks.  What an awesome tour it's been.  I took this picture on one of my weekends off from running a hundred.  It was sunset, and the sky was the most beautiful shade of red and orange.  You had to be there.

I will right my Catra Slam report soon.  I love all of you!!! 



Oct 18

Not all my hundreds are easy...  Sometimes I forget I'm not supergirl.  I'm only human.   I to suffer in a hundred mile race.  And when it happens it's no fun.  With all the hundreds I've been running.  I really had it good.  I felt good at the three in a row.  So of course thought I'd be fine at Javelina, right?  I had two weeks to rest.  I felt ok through the first 30 and then started suffering from a bladder infection.  It zapped most of my energy.  All I could do was drink water.  I flushed all the salt from my body.  That's not good.  I couldn't eat either.  It was a bit of a sufferfest, like I always say pain is pleasure!!!
I was very fortunate to be able to run with my friend Mari Lemus.  it just turned out we were on the same pace.  We ended up running the whole race pretty much together.  It was fun.
At mile 95 she was bent over puking.  Me trying to puke my body was trashed I was dirty, stinky and my clothes covered with salt.  I look over at her and say "were a fucking mess"  look at us.   We just laughed got up and started running.     I often ask why??  WHY???  WHY??? Why do I run hundreds???    It's about the people and places.   This was one of these race's were it took team work to keep moving forward.  Without Mari it would of not been the same.  We had fun even in our darkest hours we still managed to laugh and have fun. 


Oct 10

Sometimes I like just being me....I don't always have to look like a Ultrarunner.  This is what I look like when I'm tapering.  I've been running hundreds for the past three weekends it was nice just to get out and go do something other than run.   Well I did run 18 miles the day before and I did wake up on Mt. Diablo this morning with Jack.

Yeah, belive it or not I just came from camping on Mt. Diablo.  I think I clean up pretty good!  LOL....

This picture was taken Saturday.  Me and Jack went to the Download music festival.  There were several bands playing.  The Killers were the main act.  They ROCKED!!!   If you ever get a chance to see them, do it..

WOW!  It had been years since I went to a concert.  It was actually the first time being clean and sober going to one.  I couldn't believe how wasted most people were.  I don't miss those days.  I can say if it wasn't for Ultrarunning.  I would of been one of those falling down shit faced drunk girls there.

And know you know why I run.  it helps me to stay drug and alcohol free..

I'm off to Arizona this week to run my next hundred and to appreciate being a Ultrarunner.



Sep 28

Here I am at the finish of Angeles crest 100 mile run.  I cam in 4th place woman in 30:45.  This is my friend Xy who makes the dirty girl gaiters(

Sep 26

Here I am at the finish of Rio del Lago 100 this past weekend.  I had the best pace in the world Gordy.   Gordy ran with me the last 16 miles.  I think if I had him earlier I could of broke 24 hours.   My plan was to finish in under 26 hours.  I thought, ok this is your third 100 in three weeks finishing in 25:59 would be awesome!!  I had no idea I was running as fast as I was until I picked up Gordy.  I knew at that point I could finish in 24:30.  I ended up finish in 24:19.  I was extremely happy with my time.

I just want to thank Norm the RD and all the volunteers without them there would be no race.  I want to also thank my boyfriend Jack Driver for crewing me after he finished the 53 mile race (Sierra Nevada).  He stayed awake all night just to crew me and make sure I was ok.

Thanks to all my friends who believed in me and knew I could run three 100's in three weeks without falling apart.

I did learn something about myself during the past few weeks.  I do recover really fast.. 



Sep 18

Most runners hang out at the race briefing before a hundred...Not me!!  I was off with my BF getting matching tattoos..  Purple stars on our elbows.
I finished Wasatch 100 in 33:34...  I had an awesome pacer Jim Goode.  He kept me moving.  Jack came back after pacing 25 miles, Paul Sweeny who finished 4th.
He inspired me to run really fast.  I was on a 34 + hour pace but when Jack showed up I somehow managed to run really fast.
Thanks to my pacer Jim and my sweetie Jack couldn't of done it without them.  Oh yeah and to all of you my friends, for sending me positive vibes.   I'm off for AC 100 2nd of three hundreds in three weeks.
Please send me more vibes.

Sept  8

This is me tapering for my upcoming hundreds.  Yep upcoming hundreds.  I'm running 5 100 mile race's in the next 7 weeks.

This Saturday Wasatch 100, Angeles Crest and Rio del Lago.  I have a two week break and then Javelina 100 & San Diego.

I would really appreciate it if you all sent me positive vibes....  I will post new pictures after each race.

Love you all..


Aug 18

Hi Friends-

Today I went to the an amusement park, called Great America.   I had a team build with my co-workers from the Nutrition dept. at Whole Foods.

It's taken me along time to learn thats it's ok not to run everyday..  It's ok to go out with non running friends and have FUN...  I had a blast riding all the roller coasters, and rides.  I did get a head ache, maybe from everyone screaming around me.

The child in me was out in full force.   This picture was taken after I won a little pink bear.  It was one of those guessing game booths.  The girl had to guess my age, and come within two years of my age.  She guessed 30...LOL  I'm 40 I won...  I only did it because I knew I would win...

Still makes me feel good that I look and feel young.  I owe it mostly to running and eating healthy..



Aug 16

This picture is of me and one of my very best friends Julia Bramer...  Not only is she one of my best friends, she is an amazing wife and Mother.  She works, and goes to school too...  She is getting back to doing long runs.   Lucky for her she knows, she can call me anytime and say "Catra will you run 40 miles with me"????  Of course.  She wanted to get in one last long run before she goes back to school Thursday.

I told my manager  at  work ,I need to come in at 5pm on Tuesday.  I said I had a meeting.  She said a meeting????   With who????  I'm so honest, I told her with the trail!!!   I love working at Whole Foods, they understand how passionate I am about running and being such a healthy nut!!!

I ran 40 miles then went to work....  I only slept 3 1/2 last night...  I'm super tired.   You only live once!!!   Friends to the end Catra& Julia..

Sorry if this makes no sense, but I am really tired.  Hope everyone had as nice a day as I did..



Aug 14 - Psychedelic Climacteric 50k 

Ok what happened to the summer weather????  It was so cold today at this 50k it's above the hills in Berkeley.   My friend Mikey is the Race Director.  This is a fun run no fee no awards.  You can get aid at mile 22 at Lake Anza.   Me and Julia stopped and picked blueberries. That was our aid they were yummy...

It was cold, windy and foggy all day.  it was a nice change I  did not get dehydrated.  If your around the Bay Area next August I highly recommend this 50k



Aug 12

How the hell can I top being out on the Ohlone wilderness trail for 40 hours....  I could run 41 hours out there!!!  Been there 40 hours done that!!!

I got it!!!   I will run on a treadmill for 41 hours at my gym.  I will raise money for a childrens shelter so these children can have a Merry Christmas..  Since my b-day challenge is in Dec.  always a week before Xmas since I was born on x-Xmas eve.

I though of this while I was working out tonight.   I look over at the treadmills jumped on one of those contraptions and ran three miles.   It came to me then.  I would never do this unless it's for a cause.  I will do it for the kids...

Ok, now I really have to do it's in black and white.



Aug 4

Hi Friends-

Yes, I made my way out of the mountains and I'm back in the Bay Area to play.   I had one day off in between running 100 miles in four days.  I ran 40 miles yesterday.  WOW...  It was nice not lugging around a 16 pound pack.  Just my little Gregory stimulus 4 pounds.  I also lost 10 pounds running around in the Mountains. So I feel light as a feather... 

This is me on the top of Mission Peak in Fremont heading out to Rose Peak for a day of Heat training..  it was hot.  I really appreciate my trails where I run.  It's good for the body and soul to step away from them for a brief period of time.   Yes, I'm missing the Sierras already.  I will get back and do another week out there maybe in September.  Just love being alone out there.  I meet so many new, and interesting people everytime I take on a Sierra adventure.

Enjoy your day... :-)



July 27
Hi Friends-
I only did one direction on the JMT... I decided a few near death experience was enough for me!!!  I asked my angels if they let me safely pass once I wouldn't do it again.  The trail will be waiting for me next year. 
It took me 8 days 3 hours.   I will go back out and hit a couple passes and trails I've always wanted to explore.
These areas won't have hazards fords or 2 mile's of snow on the passes.
I'm just home for a couple days
My feet are so sore from being wet and cold everyday.  No blisters thanks to injinji socks.  They are awesome.
The trail was beautiful this year, it looked so different with all the snow.   Many people told me not to do the triple it would be to risky this year. 
I had to at least get out and see the trail.   My PCT friends were right!
Forester Pass had a sketchy shoot that you had to cross one false move and you would fall to your death.  The way up to the trail was major route finding.  Climbing on boulders, couldn't see the trail until half way.
The back side was just as bad.   You had to be super careful.  One false move and you would slide 1,000ft down.
Most everyday my feet were wet.  Yesterday was the only day my feet didn't get wet.
Almost all passes you were route finding and scrambling over boulders.
My friend friend Patti traveled with me  to Tuolumne then bailed she had enough, and wanted to get home.
We got turned around on Pinchot during a lightening storm.  Coming down that same pass the next day a large microwave size boulder got dislodged as I was scrambling down the pass.  It came right at me I rolled out of the way just in time.  I sprained my left wrist and cut my ankle and bruised my butt all this getting out of the way.  Patti was down to the left and heard nothing, she is deaf. 
Later that day making our way over Glen pass we were coming down what is called the granite staircase and a huge storm came in very scary ,we were cought off guard no where to hide except under the granite wall that had an overhanging section.  The storm was fast and furious rain, hail and thunder and lightning.  It lasted 30 terrifying minutes.  When the lightning stopped we got the heck out of there.  That night the same thing, a storm came in.  At least we were in my tent.
Muir pass was the worst, 2 miles of pure snow major route finding.  We got lost a little.  Tried to find foot prints when we could.
It was a work out, climbing up the snow ,post holing up to my crouch.  Occasionally getting swolled up by a boulder.   The back side was all water and route finding.
I knew about the two very hazardous stream crossings. Evolution was one which claimed 6 lives this year, the other Bear creek one person died there.   There are also 3 hikers still missing along the JMT.
It seemed to me this year everyone traveled in pairs or groups.  I saw maybe 6 solo hikers.
We crossed Evolution in the Meadow where I was told it was safe.  It was waist deep but wasn't moving fast.
I saw a guy trying to cross Evolution and in the middle he freaked and went back.  He told me the force was incredible.  I yelled across the stream where to go.
With the six people who have died there this year, you would think the rangers would post a sign to go up stream a half mile and cross where it's safe.  The whole trip I was giving hikers beta on where to cross.
Bear was really freaky.  Three hikers had just placed a thin line across to hold onto that day.  It was flimsy.  I crossed and the force in the middle knock me on my back I was lucky to be holding onto the line.  The only thing that kept me up in that section was I had to straddle a rock.  I held on with one hand and used my trekking poll to help me move along.  I was freaked out a little after that.  
The trail was a stream of water, most of the journey the mosquitoes were so bad not even 100% toxic deet didn't faze them.
It was never super cold except in Tuolumne it got really, really cold 30's.   Yesterday I went from Tuolumne to Yosemite 26 miles in 8 hours.  it was the first time on the trail I was really able to run without fear of hurting myself or have to negotiate rocks and water crossings.  I saw a group of JMTers and they said there was a fire along the way.  I just said that's not going to stop me I'm going to finish one way of the JMT.  As i got closer it was way off in the distance.
I'm very happy I went out there and saw the beauty of the trail in the snow.  There is always next year and I will be out there.
I'm off the trail for a couple days and I will head back out to explore for a 5 day trip.  Don't worry this area doesn't have snow or hazards water crossings.
Everyone be safe and happy fastpacking..

pics below:

Muir Pass: Just to give you an idea what I had to deal with.

Me after Bear Creek: I was so freaked going across that.  I flipped on my back but ended up safe on the other side.

More nice conditions...

July 18

Hi Friends-
I'm about to embark on another journey.  This time a triple on the JMT.  I will be the first person to do it... I don't think anyone else would want to, hell I'm not really sure why I'm doing it.  I guess because I like to challenge myself.
The most challenging part will be all the snow on the passes also I must admit I'm a little scared about the river & stream crossings. They are very high this year.  Something I really haven't had to deal with the last two years being out on the JMT.
Please, Please send me positive vibes and pray for me.   636 miles is along way.  I know I can do it if I stay positive.
If anyone wants to email me you can do so at;
Put my name in the subject line.  This goes to Muir ranch and they will give me the emails.
I should reach there on the 21st my first time through.
Hope everyone is having an awesome summer.
July 5 

Hi Friends-

I highly recommend running or hiking the trails in Kings Canyon.  I ran out to Woods Creek crossing 32 miles round trip to do a food supply drop for my JMT triple.  Met some of the PCT through hikers.  Got beta on Whitney, Forester and Glen pass.
They said Forester has a lot of snow but you can see the path and know where to go.  They said the stream crossings are thigh deep.