2004 Challenge   

  1. Just Another 100 mile birthday run in 40 hours
  2. Then, in less than 40 days (30, actually, since she doesn't look 40--but who on this site looks their age anyway?), become the first 5 time finisher of the HURT 100  


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Name: Catra Corbett
December 20th, 1964
help people get healthy, ultra run, adventure
Residence: fremont, ca


left: catra after finishing the HURT 100 in hawaii

below: a series of photos from her 117-mile birthday run in the ohlone wilderness, near san jose, ca.

The HURT 100                  Images from: 40 hour, 117 mile birthday run 

I can't believe HURT is over...  I'm now suffering from post 100 mile depression disorder.
The race was the most challenging race I have ever run.
I really don't know what exactly happened.
Even though it was hard, I still smiled and had fun.
The HURT club puts on the finest 100 mile trail race in the world, I think.
I love that HURT is my first 100 of the year. It really boost my confidence for the year by finishing. It fills me with confidence to attempt some pretty major projects, projects I don't think I would of ever attempted had I not finished HURT each year.  Last year, I did a YO YO on the John Muir Trail 424 miles in 12 days 4 hours 57 min.  I hold the overall record.   I have run over 8 solo 100 mile runs.  I don't think I would have run that many, if I not been a HURT finisher.
It has boosted my confidence, by getting a 500 mile finish this year that I will attempt the speed record on the Pacific Crest Trail 2,650+ miles.  The trail starts at the Mexican border and finishes in Canada.  I hope to finish in under 80 days. 

During the past 5 HURTs, I have suffered some pretty major loses. In 2001, my friend Suzanne past away. 2002 in April, I lost my MOM ,and in November my little dog Oskar. 2003, I showed up to HURT a happily married woman.  That was a good year!
2004, in the summer became a single woman again. Dec. 2004, I lost a sister to a heroin overdose.
So I showed up to HURT, feeling like a lost little girl.  Unsure, of what the trail had planned for me.
I did know, I was there, and ready to kick some ass, so I thought. I figured on a 32 hour finish...  The trails had other plans for me.

The first loop was good, nice and mellow.  I could tell from the slimy, mucky mud it was not going to be a walk in the park.
This year channel 2 news was there to cover the race.  they interviewed a few of us at the start that was pretty cool.

The reason I love this course, is that you can see your fellow runners on the out and backs.  You get to encourage each other along.


I couldn't believe how fast the front runners were going.  I knew most of them were newbies to the HURT 100. THE HURT doesn't care what records you hold ,or how bad ass of an ultra runner you are in the 100 mile scene.  You need to respect the HURT.  If not, she will chew you and spit you out.  And guess what, thats just what she did!!!

They did come to concur, but in the end she beat them down, and they surrendered to the abuse.
My second loop was fun, still on a good pace, I focused on getting in by 6pm. I also, really had to focus on staying up right.  I stopped counting after falling 15 times.  I ran this loop with many old friends and lots of new friends.  One of my new friends that impressed me was JB.  He broke a few ribs at mile 6 and was still moving pretty good. He ended up finishing the 100k.
There was Billy and Jenn 21 years old. I watched them trying to stay with Monica.  I thought to myself, I wonder if they know who she is???
I caught up to Billy at mile 55, he was hurting pretty good. He was just walking along.  We talked a bit and I took off.  He ended up finishing the 100k.
I picked up my pacer Bill Sankey at 2pm.  My feet were trashed. I had three pretty bad blisters.  I did a quick tape job and we were on our way.

This is really where my race began.  I started getting super sleepy.  I took a no- doze and it didn't work at ALL.  In fact I got more tired.  In my head I thought there was some kind of conspiracy at the no- doze plant, I thought they mixed up the sleeping pills with no- doze and thats what I got in my package.  I even told Bill that.  I think he thought I was crazy. (Well I am) hee hee... 
At this point, I thought I'm screwed ,I was losing time and I was ready to lay down in the mud, on the trail, and go to sleep.
Lucky for me another runner came along whipped out a no- doze and some other pill, that sounded like blah blah, blah.. CELL rejuvenater.  That was the only part I understood.  Hell my cells needed some rejuvenating right then.  Shit, it could of been a hit of acid and I would of taken it at that point.
I felt sorry for Bill.. Pretty much the only time we hung out was on El Cap hanging 1,000ft off the deck on a route called the Zodiac.  It was quite the epic up there.  We were having epic #2 together on the HURT trail.

We finally made it to, Paradise park aid station, and the cell rejuvenater was working.  I was in, and out of the aid station.  I had NO time to screw up. I had no time for chit chat.  I had to shift gear,s and I needed to get with the program.  And the program was to finish.

I was pushing hard on the climbs, and moving as fast and as careful as I could, on the descents.  I needed to be careful, I had no time to get injured now.
I finally made it to the Natures center at 10:10.  I remained calm, this was my slowest time ever coming through that aid station.  


I, of course, paused long enough to be interviewed by the news guy.  He ask will you finish in 32 hours.  I said NO.  He said will you finish.  I snapped back with "I ALWAYS FINISH."  And off I went, 20 miles left and I needed to push.

I played mind games; like if I didn't finish I was going to die, or the world was going to come to an end.

I felt like I hadn't ate, or drank enough throughout the race,  I was puffy, and bloated.   I was mentally shot.  I felt like there was someone sending me negative energy.  In fact, I know someone was.
During the first part of the race.  It was like a black cloud floating over me.  it made me feel very depressed during my run.  I was fighting this energy almost the entire race.  The person sending me the bad energy, new I was running my 5th HURT 100.  I know they wanted me to fall apart, to fail they wanted me to give up.
It sucked, the effect this person was having on me.  He tried to take my 5th HURT 100 from me.  Guess what I win.  ok, back to the story..
All of a sudden out of nowhere, I felt positive energy flowing through my veins.  I was positive!!! I was alive, and I was going to finish no matter what.
As I was gliding along ,I thought of my sister who pasted away.
During my first loop I released some of her ashes at the top of the ridge, before heading down to the Jackass ginger aid station.  
Each time I made it to that point on the course I thought of her.  She will always be part of the HURT course.
  I thought of all the happy times we shared growing up.  I was trying to find answers to what went wrong. Why she couldn't get off drugs, like I did.  Why was I able to.  I was living for her now.  Carrying her memory with me, running with her spirit on the trail. 
 I had to kick some butt to get to Jackass ginger aid station.  I needed to be there by 3pm.  I just made, I got there at 2:54.  On the out and backs, I could tell all the guys didn't think I would make it in time.  They kept telling me to hang in there. 

Oh, I knew I would finish and I knew I had to work my ass off.  I started worrying that RD Big John was freaking out.  So as I got closer I had Bill run in ahead and let them know I was 5 min. away.  I did it!!!
35:39 Last place finisher of the HURT 100 #5, and PROUD OF IT!!!!!
It was by far my hardest finish.  I just proved to myself how tough I really am...
Monica & I are the first, 5 time finishers of the HURT 100. 
It just proves GIRLS RULE!!!!


Catra Corbett