Join In!

Here are days that I really need assistance and if anyone is interested I would be most humbly in your debt.

Most of these should be pretty damn fun, if you ask me.

Of course, you are always welcome to join in any day you like.

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Thurs, 19th - 40 peak day - Angeles Forest

Starts at midnight Wed and should finish at the Mt. Baldy Inn bar Thursday night.

This is THE big one, really. It's (maybe) my hardest thing and certainly the most grueling. Bob would like to do much of it with me but that depends upon getting someone to drive the support vehicle. This might not be the most fun but I'll buy all you can drink Thursday night. Reed has offered to run up to Icehouse saddle on Thursday afternoon with supplies and this is huge. If there are a few supporters than different people could run various sections.

Sunday, the 22nd - Beach volleyball - Santa Barbara

This should be nothing but fun.

Sunday, 29th - 40 home runs - Santa Barbara

Hopefully, this won't take too long and this will just be a fun day doing whatever. However, it is logistically kind of hard cuz we need baseballs and people to pitch and shag. The more help we get the faster it will go, then we can all go bouldering ... or drinking

Tue, 31st - bowling - ?

Halloween bowling. Sounds like costume bowling. No one would want to dress like The Jesus then, would they? This should be fun and I will go where ever the party is.

Sat, 4th - Soccer - probably Santa Barbara

This should be really fun. Since I also have to stop 40 shots it may be fun for everyone to try and prolong this.

Sun, 5th, - tennis - Santa Barbara

Reed, Bob, and Rachel have committed. the more the merrier. Keep in mind that the more good tennis players that show up the worse this could get for me ... but I'm not scared.

9th to 17th - biking - start in SB and probably head south toward Redlands

Course is still up in the air. Depends upon who rides. This should be fun. Hard, but fun. We really need a SAG driver but maybe we could split it up because Bob may only want to ride some so if someone else wants to just ride parts of it that would be good. In between there is a foosball day and it will be at some bar and be fun.

Sat 18th - ping pong - ?

Finishing the biking with a day of ping-pong. Should be festive. Seems like it should be surrounded with a BBQ ... I don't know.

Mon, 20th - 40 holes of golf - Santa Barbara

Casey is in and we can go for free. We will probably get the earliest tee time so we will start in the dark. Might be a long day.

Muchas gracias,