40 Days: Event Rules, Guidelines, and Comments

(24 hours for each event unless specified)


 40 V4 boulder problems Ė Do 40 V4 problems of any kind using ratings in Santa Barbara Bouldering. Because ratings are subjective doing higher rated problem deemed to be V4 is acceptable.

 Rating: Very Hard. There was a time when Iím sure I could do this but right now Iím sure that I canít. Will take smart and intense training to succeed. May be unprecedented but thatís just because boulderers donít do volume. Itís physical equivalent in a gym has certainly been done, most likely on a regular basis by Phil.

 9/9 Ė One month away and still canít do it. Could be a bad sign but am still confident that experience will enable me to pull it off.

 400 boulder problems Ė Complete 400 boulder problems. Must be recorded but can be newly recorded for Bob Banksí upcoming guide. No repeat problems are allowed.

 Rating: Next to Impossible. I know itís possible but I donít know how realistic a chance I have. The elbow will have to come through big time and my fitness must still improve drastically. Certainly this has never been done before.

 9/9 Ė Feeling confident about this and have no idea why. Having slight elbow problems still, which wonít help.

 4 walls in Yosemite (Half Dome, El Cap, Middle Cathedral, Royal Arches) Ė Snake Dike, East Buttress of El Cap and Middle Cathedral and the standard Arches route.

 Rating: Very Hard. This link-up has never been done but more climbing has a couple of times: Hans and Steveís 3 El Cap route day and Potter and OíNeilís Half Dome, El Cap, and Sentinel day featured more climbing but not nearly as much hiking. I think Croft is the only other person to do 4 formations but his didnít include the Half Dome, El Cap combo. This is one of those marathons where you just hope you can eat and drink enough to keep going. Doing the splits fast enough is easy, itís the linking thatís hard.

9/9 Ė One of the most dreaded days. Since itís first it is imperative that it doesnít totally wipe me out. A big overtraining day could prove perilous later.

 Establish 40 boulder problems Ė Clean, climb, map, and publish on-line 40 new boulder problems in one day.

 9/9 Ė Just found the perfect boulder field and itís superb. Am very much looking forward to this day. It will be long and physically tiring because these boulders have quite a lot of lichen on them and are tall. However, it is such a nice boulder field that I canít wait.


 40 peaks (I mean tops) in 40 hours Ė Crest 40 peaks (er, tops)--including the 20 tallest--in the Angeles National Forest. Sub-peaks count as long as they are in the book. 

Rating: Next to Impossible. I donít know if this is possible. I will have a better idea after a little more recon but right now it seems like just a pipe dream. If it becomes clear that I can succeed it will get even harder because then itís all just monster suffering. Unknown whether this equivalent has been done.

 9/9 Ė I guess Iím confident because Iíve changed this from 40 to 24 hours. Is going to be hard Övery hardóprobably the hardest thing on the list. Mileage is looking to be over 70 with an elevation gain of more than 30,000íóthatís Everest from sea level (and back down) in one day. 

4 X 440 (min 54 sec) Ė As stated: missing the cutoff time doesnít count.

 Rating: Hard. Aaron thought this was too easy but Iím a little worried about it. I probably havenít run a sub-54 quarter in 15 years.

 9/9 Ė Have been doing intervals but still have no idea. I would say that Iím concerned about it. I hope I can find my old track spikes.

 4 X 220 (24 sec or under)

 9/9 Ė Could be harder than the quarters. Watching the Olympics should help.

 40 X 100 (min 14 sec) Ė As stated ď.

 Rating: Hard. With proper training it will be okay but am concerned over whether or not I have enough time to devote to it. Too much lactic acid could turn this event south in a hurry.

 9/9 Ė No formal training for this yet. Could be trouble.

 40k trail run Ė No rules except distance. Just finish.

 Rating: Very hard. A mountain marathon but Iím not focusing on it at all. Itís just suffering with no skill requirements or death possibilities at all. Probably wonít be very fun though. 

9/9 Ė Still havenít thought about it but am confident it will go okay 

40 stadiums Ė Must be done in a real stadium, probably Santa Barbara City College, which has about the steepest bleachers Iíve seen.

 Rating: Very Hard. Worse than it sounds. This has the possibility of having a long-term breakdown effect, something that Ióobviouslyócanít sustain if I hope to succeed.

 9/9 Ė Not considering this at all.

 Water Sports

 Catch 40 waves on a boogie board Ė Only rule is that it has to be a real wave.

 Rating: Medium. I have never boogie boarded but how hard can it be? I may be setting myself up for a hard day but at least Iím aware of it.

 9/9 Ė Still havenít been on a boogie board and donít plan to until this day. Hmmm?

 80-meter underwater swim

 Rating: Super, Ultra Scary. Iím still evaluating this but will do everything I can to prepare. Comforted by the fact that even though I might die, I know that ďitís better down there.Ē 

9/9 Ė Changed from a 40-meter free dive because of lack of preparation and time to set up the logistics. Will be harder than anticipated because I havenít been able to equal my  max swim at 50 meters. Fins will be allowed. My favorite new event, I wish there was more time to train for it.

 4-minute breath hold

9/9 Ė Havenít been able to improve at all on my max breath hold at 3 minutes so I suppose itís going to be difficult. Trying to figure out the proper mulligan scheme for this. I guess Iíll see what itís like to pass out underwater, a pre-req for serious free diving. 

4-mile swim Ė At Goleta Valley Athletic Club. No fins or any other aidóduh.

 9/9 Ė Havenít been swimming. This is going to suck. Did I say no fins or aid?

 Rating: Hard. If I swim enough it will get easier. Iíd like to swim enough.

 40K kayak Ė Ocean kayaking. No rules save obvious rules like no harnessing up a couple of dolphins Ö 

Rating: Hard. Another sport Iíve never done and even though Reed says itíll be casual I canít help but be a little trepidatious.

 9/9 Ė Have never been, nor plan to get into a kayak until the day of the event.


 Lift 40,000 lbs in the gym Ė Every rep counts toward the poundage.

 Rating: Hard. Worried more about the after effects than the actual event. I canít afford to be so sore that I canít lift my arms over my head.

 40 sets of 40 reps in 4 hours Ė Standard Workout From Hell fare.

 Rating: Hard. Same as above.

 40 set of 4 (pulls-ups, bar dips, push-ups, sit-ups) Ė Will do 1-minute sets until I fail then keep going continuously until finished.

 Rating: Medium. Just another day at the office. A rest day from my climbing days.

 4,000 sit-ups Ė Crunches can be counted. Hands must stay in contact with the head or folded over the chest. Can use all day if necessary.

 Rating: Hard? I have no idea. Aaron threw this at me and I figure itís possible. A total unknown, although Jack LaLanne has probably done this in an hour.

 9/9 Ė Absolutely no though at all about these events. Have been training though and hopefully they wonít be too bad.


The biking events will be done on consecutive days around Southern California. Course is still to be determined.

4 centuries in 4 days Ė 100 miles a day, flat or whatever. Must finish in less than 7 hours.

 Rating: Very Hard. All this biking is suffering and if I make it to this point I figure I will succeed and that it will be fun. However, it will be very hard due to lack of proper and sufficient trainingónot to mention my ďtankĒ of a bike.

 4 X 10,000í climbing days Ė Any mileage provided the elevation gain is sufficient. Do not have to be done consecutive and canóif necessary for the courseóbe done in between centuries.

 Rating: Suffering.

 9/9 Ė I should throw in that this exceeds the climbing done on the 4 hardest days of this yearís Tour. Well, one of their days was a rest day but perhaps there is a reason for that. I didnít know this when I added this, by the way Ö this might be, ahh, a little harder than I think.

 40-mile mountain bike Ė The road to and from the trails (if any) will count, though it must be 90% on trail.

 Rating: Hard. Suffering, fun, and a healthy dose of fear should make this a nice day out.

 9/9 Ė All this biking is going to be really hard because I havenítónor willóhave enough time to spend on the bike. I fear that it may even be harder than I think.


 Make 40 straight free throws (4 hours) Ė Hey, if Jeff Hornacek can do it in a game Ö

 Rating: Easy. Okay, Iím probably making this sound a little too light. I must admit that Iíve probably only made 40 straight free throws a few times in my life. Still, with some concentration and pressure it should prove to be nothing other than a rest day.

 9/9 Ė Starting to worry just a little cause I havenít touched a ball in quite a spell.

 Hit 40 home runs Ė Regulation ballpark using any pitcherís I can get. Aluminum bats and andrenostine are on. Juiced balls are off.

 Rating: Fun/Medium. Iím worried about getting blisters but Iíll enjoy a round of home run derby, something I havenít done in more than 15 yearsóshould test my theory about engrams established in children.

 9/9 Ė Becoming a logistical problem but hopefully a local high school will come through with a bag of baseballs, otherwise it could become a long shagging day.

 40 holes of golf, 4 mint juleps (country club day) Ė Just have to finish before dark. May not be easy the way I golf. Speedgolf (or whatever that running golf game is called) may become a necessity--maybe out of sheer boredom. 

Rating: Boring. It might be less boring if I canít get the ball to go in the hole because I may run out of daylight. Blisters may also be a problem. The mint juleps should help--one of the few cocktails I can think of that Iíve never tried. I also happen to know that the balls natural place to live is in the hole, and Iím just there to send him home. I figure this is an advantage of sorts.

 Win 4 matches of tennis Ė Against a comparable opponent, like Pete Sampras Ö or Binky.

 Rating: Fun. Another rest day, though Iím sure Iíll work up a healthy amount of sweat.

9/9 Ė Changed to win because it will be harder. Will play Reed and Bob and whomever else wants in. If itís only those two I may have to hope Reed gets tired or it could become a long, long day.

 40 games of Ping-Pong Ė Against a comparable opponent, like my dad (in which case these games could take a long, long, time) or Dexter Rutecki.

 Rating: Fun. Ping-Pong has always been my favorite video game.

 4 games of bowling Ė Must score 140 for the game to count.

 Rating: Hmmm. Bowled 4 nights ago and my forearm is still sore. To start missing the cutoff score could make this sort of grim. Definitely a post climbing event, when I no longer need my forearms.

9/9 Ė I havenít done any bowling but watched The Big Lebowski the other day and am brimming with confidence.

 40 games of foosball Ė Canít think of any rules other than I should probably drink a lot of beer or whatever venue Iím in will kick me out.

Rating: Silly. I played a lot of this in college but I have no idea what 40 games will be like. Probably kind of fun.

 Score 40 penalty kicks Ė Use the small goal at Santa Barbara High and against any goalie that is man or woman enough to brave the onslaught.

 Rating: A blast: This will be harder for the goalie(s) but stopping 40 shots didnít have the same ring to it. Maybe Iíll do bothósure, why not.

 4 matches of beach volleyball

 9/9 Ė Added this cuz Iím trying to get all of my old sports in. Should be fun, but as I recall playing in the sand is quite hard when you arenít used to it. Could wind up pretty sore the next day.


 40 pages of a screenplay Ė Fire off 40 pages of The H.E.R.D. Must be good enough to allow others to read what has been written.

 Rating: Very Hard. A lot of writing, even for someone on Roger Cormanís staff. Should be fun but will have to do it early before my brain turns to mulch.

 4 King Pin fritters Ė Eat four in a day. Donít die. This is not a rest day!

 Rating: Horrendous. Unprecedented. This may not sound bad but believe me, itís bad. Very bad. 

9/9 - Still very scary.

 All-America Day: 40 total in 4ís (4 ďHollywoodĒ movies, 4 smokes, 4 beers, 4 cocktails, 4 hot dogs, 4 bags of chips, 4 talk shows, 4 soap operas, 4 packs of Hostess products: Twinkies, Snowballs, etc, 4 Grand Slam breakfasts) Ė Easier than eating 4 fritters; the crux will be watching the soap operas, unless I can find the Mexican one with Eric Estrada.

 Rating: red, white, and blue. Iíve always wondered what Sally Jesse Raphael looked like.

 40 hours of time (used however I want) Ė Can add hours to events where I didnít make the time (like the 40 peaks or 40-meter freedive) or just use as rest or travel time. Essentially 40 mulligans.

 Rating: Lovely. I wanted this to be a day of rest and maybe it still will be, or maybe itíll be me epicing on Half Dome, looking for peaks in the dark, or joining Enzo in Le Grand Bleu.

 9/9 Ė Have started to figure when I may need these. Each event will have a strict rule as to how each mulligan can be used. 40 is starting to sound very finite.