Team Speefnarkle

I forgot--somehow--to mention in my wrap-up, a special thanks to Todd Mei for providing our Team Speefnarkle jerseys.
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These babies are the official jersey of the Team Speefnarkle futbol club in Madison, Wisconsin, as well. The logo shows a dual thumbs-up, right over left, which is the way to order a speefnarkle (the cocktail) in certain, in-the-know establishments. A speefnarkle cocktail is equal parts Wild Turkey and Wild Turkey--poured from two, different receptacles--on the rocks. It is the official cocktail of birthdaychallenge.com and is often referenced in the rantings of the Nacirema Drinking Society.

I will continue to update my diary from time to time for any of you that wish to see whether or not I can copmplete my birthday challenge by succeeding on the failed events. Many have expressed doubt on the possibility of the four-minute breath hold and I must say that I have doubts myself. I have done no training for this at all, yet.

In fact, my training has not been very good. For two weeks after the challenge I did virtually nothing. I have started traininng again but not very enthusiastically, which is fine for now because I as still worked from the challange. I have started keeping a training log. If I keep it up I will publish it also. I do plan on doing some, if not all--wait, no, not all--of John Fieldhouse's challenge on the 30th and I haven't been on my bike in nearly a month.

I finally got my history page up.

Check back after the first of the year, there should be some good stuff to report.

Happy Holidays!

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