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Friday the 13th,

One Down

I finally got a good night's sleep and today everything once again seems possible. After spending the morning moving my stuff in, looking for spikes, and driving north I was totally exhausted when we hit Santa Barbara. I popped in the DVD of Lonesome Dove and hit the couch for the next 6 hours. I slept through most of it but I know that story so well it didn't matter. Watching Gus chase Blue Duck through the Llano was enough to re-charge my motivation. I left the couch once to eat and that was it. I was able to relax from 4pm to 9am and woke up feeling rested--a little sluggish but rested--for the first time in awhile.

Today I choose two events because I had been planning a big day anyway and I need to start creating extra days to make up the Yosemite trip. I decided that the 40 100's would be a good start and also provide training for the other sprinting events, which I desperately need.

Just finished the 100's and feel okay. However, I should mention that this is one of those events where you don't know how it went until the next day. I knew I could do it. The challenge here is to not get overly sore. I'm pretty sore already, so we'll see. Bob did about half of them with me, and he rarely, no NEVER, sprints so we both may be very sore tomorrow, which would be bad because I have a marathon planned.

I started at 12:30pm at La Playa Stadium, Santa Barbara City College. This must be one nicest running facilities in the country. I had track spikes on for the first time since ... hell, I can't remember. I forgot how much a difference they made and ran my first 100 in around 11 seconds. I considered doing the 200's right then because I was sure that I could do at least a couple in the given time but I decided to opt for a training day instead of a performance day. By 20 my legs started to get heavy but finishing was no problem at all. Let's see what I say tomorrow.

Right now I'm off to GVAC  for some weight training, another event where the crux is not getting sore the day after.

I got psyched and ended up doubling my poundage. Will see if I end up sore tomorrow. I mean, I will be sore but just how sore remains to be seen. Right now my left foot hurts and I think I'll go ice it.

I left my log at the club, so I'll try and remember what I lifted. Something like this:

Abs ..........  16,000
Back ........   25,000
Chest ........    8,000
Shoulders ...   8,000
Tri's ............  9,000
Bi's .............  6,000
Forearms ....  9,000

Total ........... 81,000

It was actually 80,700. It was hard but I have had harder workouts. I wanted to go heavy on the climbing exercises because we missed a climbing day and I need my climbing muscles to stay strong.

Reed showed up tonight with our boats for Sunday. They're longer than his car. He told me how to get out should I flip it, so I'm confident I'll be fine. Plus, I can hold my breath for a long time.

He also brought a celebratory bottle of wine. I think I'll go drink it. One down, 39 to go. Thanks for reading. I hope we can put on a good show.

Bon Nuit.

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