Louie's Challenge Tracker 

Louie with FedEx'd King Pin fritters and doing pre-dawn sit-ups. 


Planned To Do Did Comments
340 pull-ups 340 pull-ups Louie worked hard for these. Often doing sets of only 5.
340 sit-ups 340 sit-ups These seemed hard for him, good challenge choice.
340 push-ups 340 push-ups Hard but accomplished.
34k run 12 miles / 9 shy of goal Only 12 miles due to injury, maybe next year
34mi bike Easy and fun except he was on a mountain bike Easy, almost a rest activity
34 bullseyes I think 3 times 2 in a row Easy for him. 25 minutes
3 shots and 4 beers Tequila and Newcastle Easy and maybe needed to have a time limit (34 minutes)
34 routes   All 5.10 except one 5.11
34 boulder problems 13 v2, 14 v3, 3 v4, 4 v5 Louie cranked these out like they were v0
34 laps swimming 17 laps x 2 No problem. Thank god for the side stroke
34 games of 8 ball He won 90% against 3 opponents Super fun
34 diet cokes Others thought impossible This was easy for him. I think he had 5 in an hours
3.4 King Pin fritters The first 2/3 sucked, the rest he paced himself I think he is still recovering from these fritters.