Name: Kevin Bergthold
Birthday: March 4, 1975
Occupation: photographer
Resides: santa barbara, ca


Kevin's 37th Challenge

       Do 37 Different Skateboard Tricks
Eat 37 Blueberry Pancakes
Ride 37 Miles on Mtn Bike
Boulder 37 Boulder Problems
Climb 37 5.10's
Run 37 Miles
Eat 37 Ding-Dongs
Drink 3X7 Beers
Hold 37 Yoga Poses



Challenge points of interest:  a mystery carpet pisser, surprise elements, complete lack of logistical planning, beer goggles, and a silvery flaming birthday cake made completely of ding dongs.

Compared with most of the challenges on this site, mine was a lazy stroll in the park. Mostly it gave me a good excuse to go out and do fun stuff that I've been missing out on lately. The crux  proved to be the beer and ding dong combo. I don't recommend this for anyone you like. 

The first part took place on my brother's new backyard bowl ramp. 37 (different) skateboard tricks racked my brain a bit, especially since it had been about 37 weeks since I was last on a skateboard. I managed not to slam too hard and got through the tricks in about 3 hours of sessioning with some good friends I don't see enough. 

Did I mention that my brother surprised me with 37 blueberry pancakes to eat first thing in the morning? I spent most of the rest of the challenge with a bloated stomach from that point on (coffee on pancakes on ding dongs on beer after beer after ding dong).

One last minute addition that proved to be lots of fun was 37 portraits of people (and dogs) with beer goggles. This went well with the beer on Friday night. I won't lie.  

The 37 miles on the bike was easy.  More punishment is due in that area for next year's challenge. 

37 different boulder problems got me a tired body, aching feet, and various holes in my skin and shoes. 

5.10's, DNF.  

I hadn't been for a run in a couple years, so finishing up with 3.7 miles seemed much more realistic than 37. What was I thinking? Realistic and BD challenge go together like oil and water, or 37 ding dongs and 3x7 beers. My leg cramped up after about 100 yards of running, but I was able to gimp along for a while and finish up with a faster pace after seeing a mysterious red door to nowhere in the middle of a eucalyptus grove. After the run, I finished up the challenge with 37 yoga poses and had a few more beers before crashing into bed. 

Thanks to Jesse, Dave, Laurie, Reed, Amber and Keith  for your support, and everyone else for showing up and being a part of this ridiculous endeavor.