Date Bar Drink
Sat, 6/26 Shay's Lake House Gin & Tonic
Sun, 6/27 Shay's Lake House Pear Cider
Mon, 6/28 Continental Club Campari & Soda
Tue, 6/29 Flipnotics Scottish Ale
Wed, 6/30 Home 12 yr old Scotch
Thu, 7/1 Maria's Taco Xpress Cape Cod
Fri, 7/2 Ego's Water Moccasin, Red Snapper
Sat, 7/3 Polvos Margarita
Sun, 7/4 Tecolote Farms 4th of  July party Lone Star (American Pilsner in honor of 4th of July)
Mon, 7/5 The Saxon Pub Irish Whiskey - Jamesons
Tue, 7/6 The Cactus Cafe Caucasian (white russian)
Wed, 7/7 Zilker Park Sangiovese - Grape Creek 2001
Thu, 7/8 Home Whiskey Sour
Fri, 7/9 The Cactus Cafe Manhattan
Sat, 7/10 Vespio Dirty Martini, Lemon Drop Martini
Sun, 7/11 Guero's Bloody Mary
Mon, 7/12   NONE
Tue. 7/13 Ruta Maya Guiness
Wed, 7/14 Home Gimlet
Thu, 7/15 Brad & Shay's Chocolate Martini
Fri, 7/16 Zilker Park white wine -Texas Hills due bianco
Sat, 7/17 Elephant Room  face eraser
Sun, 7/18 Vespio pastis
Mon, 7/19 Opal Divine's Man o' War
Tue, 7/20 Continental Club Irish Coffee
Wed, 7/21    NONE
Thu, 7/22 Lucky Lounge Speefnarkle
Fri, 7/23 Home Cuba Libre
Sat, 7/24 Home  Rum punch
Sun, 7/25 Home Mojito
Mon, 7/26 Continental Club Old Fashioned
Tue, 7/27 Home sidecar
Wed, 7/28 The Owl Bar  Rye & water
Thu, 7/29 Edgehill Chardonay
Fri, 7/30 Jungle Camp Mint Julip