Do A Challenge!

Anyone can do a Challenge and now we'll report it, no matter what (well, unless it totally sucks).  

There are two types of Challenges: the non-sanctioned, and the sanctioned.

Unsanctioned Challenge

To get your Challenge posted on this website space, just set up an account at, My Space, or any web blog site you like. Then keep a diary of your challenge, with Adams-esque images and writing that would put Papa to shame. Now your challenge is there for all your friends to see what a bad ass you are, no matter what the potlickers at birthday challenge think of it (plus, you don't have to wait for our somewhat--if not very--infrequent updates).

Next, send us your challenge. If you want support, send it early so we can put the word out. If you're raising money, we'll probably stick you on the front page. If not, it will at least go in the news so that you can point your friends here instead of forcing them to remember some blog address.

When you finish your challenge, send us one image you'd like on our front page and we'll put ya there, probably, unless, of course, your  challenge totally sucks. If it, however, totally doesn't suck  to the point we think it's cool, then you might even get a sanctioned challenge. This, of course, you may or may not want. Read on...

players.JPG (8738 bytes)


belt.JPG (14579 bytes) Sanctioned Challenge

What does sanctioned mean? It means we support your Challenge so thoroughly that we're willing to come out and do it with you!

- You'll get headlines on the front page (of course, you may get this anyway).

- You get to have us visit you in your hometown to provide support, participation, and motivation for your Challenge!

- We'll even drink all your beer!