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Here's the latest update on my challenge...

I made it approximately 45 days of straight exercise before I got sick and gave up my convictions to a delicious 24 hours of sleep.

I'm not back on the challenge because on reflection, at least this challenge served it's purpose of getting my ass in gear and breaking through the mental barriers that I had after nine months of sloth-hood.

Currently, I am exercising 5 days a week religiously. (This would, I assure you, not be possible except for the experience of the 45 days straight...) An example of my religious ferver: the other day I was in the process of flaking... but my guilt got the better of me, and at 3:45 in the morning I completed a 2 hour massive weight workout tape. Gert thinks I'm insane.

Where has this all gotten me? Well, from a top pregnancy weight of 198 pounds and a post-partum cloth size 16 (and that's being generous as people were asking me when I was due when AS I was HOLDING my newborn Alice), I am now 155 pounds, size 12. My goal is 145 pounds size 10... so I am almost there! I am very stoked.

So now I am currently devising another challenge for myself... I will get back to you and the site in January.

I want you to know that I'm VERY GRATEFUL. Although I didn't complete my original challenge, due to the work I put in and was inspired to do, I am happier with myself than I ever expected to be.

All My Love,


Ok.. you're probably thinking enough already with the emails!

But just HAD to update you...


Steve, I am stoked. The thing is, I went to the website and was so excited to see my name up in lights that I just went for it. See, going running for me is a super big milestone. One reason is cause it's very public- and my ass is so big, it has its own electoral votes. The other is cause of my huge nursing boobies. (Why is the world does any woman want inplants?!? I am incredulous...)

But I did it. And I KNOW I would not have done it if I wasn't doing my challenge.

I'm so elated. Partially from long lost endorphins and but more so because I'm just so damn proud of my big, beautiful, determined self.

Love Always,
Doortle Dinklemeyer


It's going great here in ChallengeVille. I am keeping my commitment and have really made some breakthroughs on the ole discipline thing.

One of the weirder experiences I have had thus far is what I call the "Out-Of-Body-Dubya-Daughter" Alibi:I'm like out of my body watching myself trying to come up with good excuses based on some factor of childcare. (The Bush reference-- the DUI covered up not to save his ass but because he to "protect" his impressionable daughters.)

Anyway, something awesome occured after a couple of weeks at my challenge. My commitment now has it's own inertia. Days when I want wholeheartedly to blow it off, an alarm clock goes off in my head asking if I really want to give up all my effort for half an hour of laziness.

Another interesting byproduct is that I'm getting much more varied in my exercises as a natural outgrowth of keeping it interesting. Now included in my repetoire: power babyjogger walks and yoga.

Had my first tattoo-removal-laser-painful-as-hell session. It's been 8 days since the treatment and just now is my arm starting to heal in any meaningful way. Basically the laser made a 3rd degree burn over the whole area, which happens to be my entire left upper arm. But the results are awesome. The rat is almost entirely gone and the dragon has lightened by about half. I'll keep you posted about this as well. I'm supposed to have treatments every 6 weeks for a year. Dude.

Love you dearly,


Well Steve-o,

Just want to update you on my re-birthday challenge... I have thus far stayed tried and true to my commitment and have now logged in 9 straight days of workouts! YES!!! (And might I add "ouch"...)

I'm so stoked and feel great. Most importantly, i've proven to myself that i can do this even when I'm dog tired and taking care of Alice.

You know, it truly seemed impossible when I read your website and got my idea. I mean... i felt electric with fear just contemplating. And it hasnt been easy as my little brain has tried to come up with some good excuses. But im gonna do it dammit! YEEEEEEEE HHHAW

So thanks again for your inspiration. And Ill keep you posted. And when the hell you gonna be in LA? You have to see Alice who is so damn cute, you'll flip. She's totally smiley and makes the greatest sounds and faces. And the way she's going at it, i figure she'll want to climb rocks one day.

All my love,


Just checked out the the website and I am SO INSPIRED!!!

I am honestly considering putting this post-birthing, stretched-marked bellied, butt-enhanced body to the test. I'm scared/thrilled at the prospect. And I want to tell you that I got inspired when I read your mighty treatise on why a birthday challenge. I love the moment I read about tailoring it to yourself and about working on the areas that need to be worked on. It really hit home. For me, my fear wells up around my sense of discipline... or conversely, my easy exit has always been my ability to convince myself of good reasons to skip out...

As I write, I'm getting this challenge idea for myself: 365 days, 1 full year, of daily exercise. The challenge: being consistent and disciplined over time, especially after the novelty wears off.
And since I worked out today, it would start today. Here's another thing I want to confess: I've always wanted to complete a marathon. The best I've done in recent memory is jogging 8 miles, but that was pre-pregnancy. The idea just seems impossible to me, living in this post-preg body, having not run in a year, and having a little snibblet to look after. Having size 40-D nursing boobies and running is yet another scary prospect. Dude. Ouchie.

So whaddya think, oh inspirational one? Love to hear your input.