Name: Bob Banks

Birthday: June 29th, 1971

Occupation: rancher


The Challenge

To No Longer Be Injured

Had surgery in June, 2004

Recovery Below


Bob Banks' 2004 Birthday Challenge 

June 29th, 2004

Got up, drank some coffee and had some toast.

1. Turned on the computer, registered to vote so I can help get that cocksmoking, idiotic, greedy liar out of office.

2. Drove to Inspiration Point. 3.3 miles. Ran up it. 38.01 (lost of elevation gain)

3. Drove to Rattlesnake. 3.5 miles. Ran up it. 40.07 (even more elevation gain)

4. Drove to Cooper's Ranch. Did a set of 33 pull ups. 33 push ups. 33 Hanging Leg Raises. 33 Lunges.

5. Ran up Glen Annie Road. 3.3 miles. 26.37. Too long a rest and tired. (but less elevation gain)

6. Back to Deb's. Ate Huevos ala Mexicana at EL Buen Gusto.
7. Lizard's Mouth. Attempted to clean up graffiti which has been sprayed ALL OVER Sunset Blvd. Didn't work so good. Did 33 boulder problems, 11 V3 or harder. Harder than you'd expect for me, however if you knew my climbing condition...

8. Beer at Deb's.

9. Arnoldi's for dinner. Wine, spaghetti with meatballs.

10. Beers at Jimmy's.